Know Why Separation Disorder Occurs In Children

Children have a huge impact on whatever their parents say. Whatever parents do, children learn from them. Whether it is good or bad, sometimes learning wrong becomes a cause of anxiety for children. This anxiety is also called separation disorder.


  • Departure of a grandparent from the house.
  • If you are a working parent then it is obvious that you will keep your children in a daycare or with a nanny. In such a situation the child starts becoming emotionally weak. While living with someone else, fear and insecurity start developing in the child’s mind.
  • Parents are more busy with their friend’s circle by paying less attention to their children.
  • Mutual tension between parents results in parents becoming angry at their children.
  • Giving less time to children.
  • Too much interference from any family member in the child’s life.
  • Children not being physically fit.
  • Too much TV, phone watching.


  • The child should remain quiet.
  • Being afraid while sleeping at night.
  • Running away from a family member.
  • To lie.
  • Not eating properly.
  • Afraid to go anywhere.
  • Headache, dizziness, stomach pain.
  • Wetting the bed at night.

Often we parents are unable to understand this problem of our children. We think the child is making excuses. For this, only parents can get their child out of this problem.

  • Give your children your full time, if you are working then take leave from office for some time and be with your children. Take full care of children’s diet, give them healthy food.
  • If the child is afraid of any member of the family, then talk to that member openly. Don’t hesitate at all that he is your family member and he will feel bad.
  • Be aware of the caretaker to see if the child is being mistreated.
  • Take out time to visit the daycare to see whether the child is comfortable there or not.

Take the children to a child counselor. Because if children are not able to talk to their parents, then the counselor can talk to them and tell the real reason. Only parents can help the child in protecting him from separation disorder. Give time to your children, trust them and make them believe that we are with you.

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