It Is Important To Protect The Newborn Baby From Infection

Newborns at birth Their skin is extremely sensitive and their organs are not fully capable of functioning at this time. Any kind of small infection can harm their body. The risk of infection remains high for the first 6 weeks after childbirth.

To protect the child from infection, it is important to take care of cleanliness. You can protect your child from infection by maintaining cleanliness like this-

Newborn Baby Room

  • Keep the newborn baby’s room completely clean.
  • Clean all the clothes used by the newborn and the mother, except bed sheets and pillows, by soaking them in a solution of antiseptic lotion followed by soap.
  • Sunlight should also come into the room.
  • Treat everything in the room with antiseptic lotion or if you want, you can also use hand sanitizer.
  • Clean baby toys with fruit and veggie wash.

Newborn Baby Nanny

  • The nanny or maid who takes care or massages the baby should also be clean.
  • He should be bathed daily, his nails should be cut.
  • When he comes home, he should wash his hands and feet with hand wash.
  • She should wash her hands with hand wash every time before touching the baby and after using the toilet.
  • His clothes should also be washed.

protect the baby from touching people

  • Mother should also take full care of her cleanliness.
  • Everyone in the house should touch the child only after washing hands, feet and face with hand wash.
  • guests also guests also Ask to use hand sanitizer.

Protect Baby From Sick People

  • If anyone in the house has a cold and cough, do not let him come close to the child.
  • If someone has a serious and contagious disease, do not let him come close to the child.
  • If possible, do not take the child outside to a public place, crowded place, hospital, etc.

Protect From Pets

  • Keep your pets away from the newborn baby.
  • Before your baby comes home from the hospital, send him somewhere else for a few days.
  • Your pets should have had all the vaccinations.
  • Do not allow pets to lick or sniff the baby.
  • Ban pets from the baby’s room.

By keeping all these things in mind, you can protect your baby from infection.

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