Know about some Unique Yoga Poses?

Want to do yoga while karaoke or while screaming? We have the info!

1. Equine Yoga

Equine Yoga

Many people know about equestrian or equestrian sports. But if it’s equestrian yoga, we’re sure you’re just now learning about it too. By riding a horse, yogis can do the downward dog pose or do other poses beside the horse’s body. There is even a yogi who does a series of movements before finally holding a handstand on the horse’s body. Interested or afraid?

2. Naked Yoga

Maybe this yoga concept can be done when you are alone because a series of poses must be done without a single thread sticking to the body. At first, it might feel strange, but if done regularly, it is said that the body will absorb more positive energy from around it.

3. Yoga Karaoke

Yoga Karaoke

If you can’t stand a yoga class covered in silence, a karaoke yoga class might be for you. This sport was created through a combination of singing, dancing, and yoga which helps people to express emotions and connect with each other. The karaoke yoga class is exactly what you’d expect, full of yoga mats and one big screen television playing karaoke songs to sing along to.

4. Broga Yoga

Broga Yoga

As the name contains the word ‘bro’, this yoga is intended for masculine men. This could be a solution for those who are hesitant to step into Bikram yoga classes which are usually dominated by women. The movements and poses that are performed are also focused on the formation of the male body, such as the arms and back, without paying too much attention to flexibility or spirituality.

5. Harmonica Yoga

Since one of the main functions of yoga is to regulate the breath, using a wind instrument, such as the harmonica, can be a very good idea. This will train the breath to be more regular through the music it produces. In addition, this yoga movement can make you more focused and increase your stamina.

6. Polga Yoga

Polga Yoga

Combining pole fitness and yoga, this sport can make the body more flexible and balanced through a series of movements that are quite challenging. Apart from that, polga also allows you to practice gliding movements without the help of hands or ropes.

7. Tantrum Yoga

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