Dylan O’Brien Biography, Wiki, Movies & Tv Shows, Net Worth, Age

Dylan O’Brien Biography, Wiki, Movies & Tv Shows, Net Worth, Age

Dylan O'Brien

Birth name: Dylan O’Brien
Nickname: D-Balls, Dyzzle
Date of birth: August 26, 1991
Age: 31 years
Place of birth: New York City, New York, USA
Profession: actor
Marital status: unmarried
Siblings: Julia O’Brien
Parents: Patrick O’Brien, Lisa O’Brien
Education: Mira Costa High School
Partner: Brittany Robertson
Height: 180 cm(5 ft 10 inch)
Original hair color: brown
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Virgin
Net Worth: $7 million dollars

Dylan O’Brien was born on August 26, 1991 in New York City, New York, USA. His mother is Lisa Rhodes, a former actress, and his father is cameraman Patrick O’Brien, who used to run an acting school. Through his parents, he also has Irish, British, Spanish and Italian ancestry.

He has a sister, Julia, who is only 16 months younger than him. He grew up in Springfield Township, New Jersey before moving to Hermona Beach, California when he was 12. He graduated from Mira Costa High School in 2009. After that, he considered working for the New York Mets baseball team as a sports reporter. He started uploading videos to his YouTube channel at the age of 14, then a local producer and director approached him to work on a web series. That’s when he met an actor who put him in touch with his manager.

Before starting his acting career, he directed and starred in a few short films, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel. He also played drums in another rock band, Slow Kids at Play.

Dylan O’Brien CARRIER

She auditioned for the lead role in MTV’s new Teen Wolf series, based on the 1985 film of the same name. At first he wanted the role of Scott, but after reading Stiles Stilinski’s script, he applied for his role instead. After four auditions, he got the part. The series started on June 5, 2011, and in our country it was presented in the summer of 2012 under the title Teen Wolf – Farkasbőrben. Even before Teen Wolf started, he was cast as Jimmy in the comedy High Road . At the end of the year, he appeared in the short film Charlie Brown: Blockhead’s Revenge with his Teen Wolf colleagues Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes. Here he played the main character Charlie Brown.

The following year, she starred opposite Britt Robertson in the romantic film The First Time. In addition to the series, he did not have much time to appear in other productions, in 2013 he appeared in the film The Apprentice as Stuart, and he appeared in an episode of the series New Girl. In the summer, the filming of Teen Wolf was paused, so he could shoot for his new movie, The Labyrinth to.

The film was based on James Dashner’s bestselling book, and Dylan was played by the main character Thomas. Due to the success, the director Wes Ball announced after the premiere that on September 17, 2015, the filmed version of the second part of the book series, Trial by Fire, will be released, in which the companions continue their challenge in the desert. On June 29, Teen Wolf returned with its fifth season on MTV screens, in which we saw Dylan again in the role of Stiles.

In 2016, they were filming the new Maze installment, The Death Cure, when Dylan was injured on set when he unexpectedly fell from a vehicle and was hit by another. Because of this, not only the film, but also the shooting of Teen Wolf was delayed, as his injury was more serious than first thought, so more time was needed for his recovery.

The sixth season of Teen Wolf debuted in November 2016 instead of the planned summer premiere, and the last part of the movie trilogy was only released in 2018. Back in 2016, he appeared in the film Deep Sea Hell alongside Mark Walhberg. The film depicts the disaster of an offshore drilling rig. That’s when American Assassin started filming film, in connection with which he also visited Hungary in the fall. The production was finally presented in September 2017. This year, he also said goodbye to the character of Stiles, as Teen Wolf ended with the 6th season, after 100 episodes.

In 2019, he appeared in an episode of the series WestCity as Stu Max some. The premieres of his two new films, The Education of Fredrick Fitzell and Monster Problems, were also postponed, so they were finally shown only in the spring of 2020. His latest work is the sci-fi Infinite, which was released this summer. We saw him in the movie The Outfit in 2022. like Richie.

He currently has several works in progress, including Not Okay and Maximum Truth, which will be released in 2022.


● When they first moved to California, they had no friends, so Jóbarátok c. became addicted to the series – watched all episodes at least eleven times
● His YouTube channel was “moviekidd826”
● His favorite book when he was young was Moneyball
● He got his first kiss at the age of 14
● He has a bad habit of biting his nails
● He’s a big Star Wars addict
● He likes root beer
● He has a dog, Maggie
● He smokes


● Color: purple
● Series: Friends
● Movie: Never Been Kissed
● Food: hamburger, chicken
● Actress: Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Chloe Moretz
● Body part: legs

Dylan O’Brien Movies & Tv Series Show

Dylan O’Brien SERIES:

2019: Weird City – Stu Maxsome
2011-2017: Teen Wolf – Stiles Stilinski
2013: New Girl – The Guy

 Infinite  –  Heinrich Treadway
2020: Monster Problems  –  Joel Dawson
2020: The Education of Frederik Fitzell  –  Fred Fitzell
2018: Bumblebee  –  Bumblebee (voice)
2018: The Death Cure – Thomas
2017: American Assassin / American Assassin – Mitch Rapp
2016: Deepwater Horizon / Deep Sea Hell – Caleb Holloway
2015: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials / The Maze Runner – Trial by Fire – Thomas
2014:The Maze Runner – Thomas
2013: The Internship – Stuart
2012: The First Time – Dave Hodgman  2011: Charlie Brown: Blockhead’s Revenge – Charlie Brown  2011: High Road – Jimmy

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