Instagram Shopping: What it means and how to use it to increase your sales

Based on the official Instagram blog, this Instagram shopping feature was first released on May 19, 2020. This feature is claimed to be able to boost business sales and increase business traffic.

Is this claim true? Let’s discuss in full about Instagram Shopping below.

1 What is Instagram Shopping?
2 Why Should You Use Instagram Shopping?
3 Instagram Shopping Features

3.1 1. Instagram Shopping Tags
3.2 2. Product Catalog
3.3 3. Product Details Page
3.4 4. Instagram Shopping Ads
3.5 5. Shopping Tags on Certain Accounts
3.6 6. Product Launches
3.7 7. Live Shopping
Ways to Use Instagram Shopping

4.1 1. Make sure your business is worth it
4.2 2. Change account to Instagram Business
4.3 3. Connect with Facebook Page
4.4 4. Upload product catalog
4.5 5. Request a review of your account
4.6 6. Turn on Instagram Shopping
4.7 7. Create interactive content
5 Tips for Successful Instagram Shopping

5.1 1. Use the right hashtags
5.2 2. Share on Instagram Stories
5.3 3. Use Instagram Shopping Ads
6 Conclusion

What is Instagram Shopping?

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram shopping is one of Instagram’s newest features. This feature is claimed to be able to present an e-commerce shopping experience on Instagram social media.

The official page of  The Verge explains that we can access this store via the explore page in the Instagram application. So, every customer no longer needs to leave the application to shop.

As a business account owner, you must first create a product catalog. In it there are post and story features that you can later tag on your product. If you are still confused, then you can see the two pictures below.

Instagram Shopping: What it means and how to use it to increase your sales1

In addition, Facebook also provides a Facebook Pay feature, its function is like a digital wallet that is useful for making online transactions. So, every customer does not have to go far to shop.

When its presence was first released, this feature could not be used in Indonesia. However, as of October 6, the official Kompas website said that slowly this feature began to spread in Indonesia.

Why Should You Use Instagram Shopping?

As we all know, there are now many e-commerce sites and applications. Then, why still have to use Instagram Shopping?

BigCommerce explains that this feature can increase your traffic as well as your revenue. Several big brands claimed to receive an increase in traffic of up to 1,1416%. Meanwhile, several other brands claimed to have increased their profits by up to 20%.

NOW Marketing Group added that Instagram is a contest to see the lifestyle. So, if someone follows your Instagram account, then he or she is really interested in your culture and business brand.

Well, by displaying a product catalog on Instagram, there will be many people who are interested in your culture and interested in buying the products you sell. What’s more, you can also easily combine it with e-commerce. So, the chances of buying it will be even higher.

Many industrial business scales have been helped by this Instagram shopping feature.

Instagram Shopping Features

1. Instagram Shopping Tags

Instagram shopping tags serve to label the products contained in your posts and are also available in the product catalog.

With this tag feature, customers can see various prices and products in detail. You can choose which products you want to tag in a post according to your business needs.

2. Product Catalog

Just like the name suggests, your product will appear in the product catalog and be visible to your audience. Apart from that, you can also freely add the products you want to sell to your audience.

In this catalog view, customers will only be shown photo images, names, and product prices. In order to be able to add images to this product catalog, choose the best image product. On certain products, choose a matching background image.

3. Product Details Page

If an audience clicks on one of your catalog products, they will be able to view the product detail page. Detailed information displayed to this audience includes images, prices, names, complete product descriptions, sizes, and links to your online store website. Therefore, make a complete and concise product description.

4. Instagram Shopping Ads

This feature is useful for advertising posts on your Instagram shopping. With the presence of Instagram shopping ads, you can reach a wider audience. As with other Instagram ads features, you can also determine the audience that fits your target market.

5. Shopping Tags on Certain Accounts

If you want to collaborate with influencers, you can use Instagram shopping tags so that your products can be better known by many audiences.

With this feature, it will be easier for your products to be tagged by influencers in their posts. So, there will be more influencer followers who know your product and business.

6. Product Launches

As the name implies, this feature will help you to make an announcement on the product that you are going to launch. You can use the countdown feature, so customers can be better prepared to shop online.

They can also set reminders so they can provide important notifications when your product has been published to the audience.

7. Live Shopping

This feature is especially useful for selling products directly with Instagram live. So, you can invite more people to buy products directly. They can also directly buy the products contained in the live Instagram session.

How to Use Instagram Shopping

There are at least seven steps that you must do to be able to use this feature. reported from the official Instagram and Oberlo sites, the seven steps are as follows:

1. Make sure your business is worth it

Instagram has some conditions for account activation. Some of them are places where the feature has been released, you have products that meet the requirements, in line with the product trade agreement and trade terms from Facebook, and have a sales website.

2. Change the account to Instagram Business

Of course you have to use an Instagram business account. If not, then you must change your account first.

3. Connect with Facebook Page

Another requirement to use Instagram Shopping is to be connected to the Facebook Page.

4. Upload product catalog

If so, then all you have to do is fill your store with a catalog. You can fill it using Facebook Business Manager. Some E-commerce is now also able to synchronize your catalog with their catalog.

5. Request a review of your account

When you have finished creating a product catalog, all you have to do is ask Instagram for approval to open a store.

6. Turn on Instagram Shopping

If your request has been received by Instagram, then you just need to turn on your store account.

7. Create interactive content

If you are already at this stage, it means that your Instagram store is already active. For that, you just need to upload your content and tag your product.

Tips for Successful Instagram Shopping

1. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram were created to be able to group posts into special categories. You can use this as a strategy in creating content so that your audience can easily find it.

Create a specific hashtag for the product you want to promote. Later, if an audience searches with a certain hashtag, Instagram will display all of your posts on the search and browsing page.

In addition, with hashtags, it will be easier for the audience to follow your updated content. So, your content has been promoted by Instagram for free.

2. Share on Instagram Stories

You need to know that Instagram stories also provide a shopping feature. For that, you must be able to maximize it well. The trick, choose the best photos to be used as stories. Then, select the icon sticker with the shape of a shopping bag. After that, type in your Instagram business account.

So, when a customer clicks on the icon, they will be directed to your Instagram business account. But if you have published it, you can no longer edit the Instagram stories post earlier. For that, make sure you have entered all the important information.

3. Use Instagram Shopping Ads

If you have a special budget for promotion, then you can use Instagram Shopping Ads to maximize your marketing strategy.

With the ads displayed, the audience will click on your ad and will be directed to the product description page on Instagram. Then, they can make transactions on their respective smartphones.

To get the most out of it, make sure the photos for your ad are of high quality, hashtagged, and also tagged products appropriately. So, your customers will find it easier to get information and visit your online store.


That’s our full explanation about Instagram shopping. So, Instagram Shopping is one of the newest features of Instagram that is able to present an e-commerce shopping experience on Instagram’s social media.

To be able to maximize Instagram shopping, then you must use the right hashtags and share on Instagram Stories. Then, if you really have a marketing budget, maximize it by using Instagram Shopping Ads.

However, you must manage this marketing budget well and you must be able to record it in the business financial statements. why? because the report is very useful for consideration in making decisions in the future.

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