9 Causes of a Distended Stomach Even though the Body is Not Fat

Who said distended stomachs only owned by fat people? It turns out that thin people can also have a distended stomach, you know! If you are thin or of normal weight but have excess fat around your belly, you should be wary. Here are some of the causes of a distended stomach even though the body is not fat.

1. The presence of visceral fat

visceral fat

The medical term for unhealthy fat in the abdomen is “visceral fat”. This fat surrounds your liver and other organs in your stomach. If left unchecked, it will cause various risk factors for diseases such as metabolism, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

2. Genetic factors

Genetics play a major role in obesity risk. Therefore, the body’s tendency to store fat in the abdomen is partly influenced by genetic factors. Including receptor genes that regulate levels of the hormone cortisol and genes that signal leptin receptors to regulate calorie intake and body weight.

3. Frequent consumption of sweet foods and drinks

sweet foods and drinks

Many people do not realize that he consumes excess sugar every day. Cakes and sweets are types of food that contain high sugar. In addition, beverages such as soda, sweet tea, coffee, or drinks with various flavors contain a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

A study has shown the effect of high sugar intake with excessive belly fat caused, due to the high fructose content of sugar added to food or drinks.

4. Stress



Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and is known as the stress hormone because it helps the body respond to stress. Stress factors have a big influence on weight gain, causing fat to accumulate in the stomach. In many people, when experiencing stress, the appetite will increase, especially eating sweet foods.

5. Lack of sleep


Having enough sleep is one of the important things that can affect health. Many studies have found that lack of sleep can increase the risk of weight gain, which affects belly fat. Sleep disturbances can also cause weight gain. One of the most common disorders is sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing stops repeatedly at night because the soft tissue in the throat blocks the airway.

6. The presence of bacteria in the intestines

Hundreds of different types of bacteria live in your intestines, especially in the large intestine. Some bacteria are beneficial to health, some are harmful. Maintaining gut health is very important to maintain a healthy immune system so that it can avoid disease.

Researchers have found that obese people tend to have more Firmicutes bacteria in the gut than normal-weight people. Research also shows that this type of bacteria can increase the number of calories absorbed from food so that it can increase weight, including belly fat. Do not rule out this bacteria nesting in people who are thin as well.

7. Menopausal factor

The cause of a distended stomach can also be from menopause factors. The reason is that some women experience an increase in belly fat when they are in the menopause phase. Menopause usually occurs one year after a woman has had her last menstrual period. At this time, estrogen levels drop dramatically, causing fat to be stored in the belly instead of on the hips and thighs. One study found that women who went through early menopause were more likely to gain extra belly fat.

8. Less mobility

Lifestyle is one of the biggest risk factors for ill health. Inactivity, lack of exercise, eating unhealthy foods can play a role in increasing obesity, including abdominal obesity. A large survey from 1988 to 2010 in the United States found that there was a significant increase in activity, weight, and waist circumference in both men and women.

9. Poor posture (slouching)

Another factor that causes a distended stomach is having bad standing and sitting habits. The reason is, having a bad posture will make the body look fat and the stomach bulges.

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