Understanding Instagram Ads and Complete Ways to Make Instagram Ads

Advertising on Instagram Ads is one of the things you should do if your target audience is mostly from Instagram. Why? because as a businessman, you are tasked with reaching consumers in various places that your consumers often visit in cyberspace.

Then, what are Instagram Ads? how to make? calm down, on this occasion we will discuss Instagram Ads in full especially for you.


1 Why Should You Use Instagram Ads?
2 Ways to Create Instagram Ads
2.1 1. Open Facebook Ads Manager
2.2 2. Choose Guided Ad Creation
2.3 3. Define Advertising Objectives
2.4 4. Click Your Ad Destination
2.5 5. Choose the Ad Type
2.6 6. Write Ad Name and Select Traffic Destination
2.7 7. Show Promo
2.8 8. Determine the Target Audience
2.9 9. Determine Placement
2.10 10. Choose Schedule
2.11 11. Connect with your Instagram Account
2.12 12. Choose Ad Format
2.13 12. Create Text
2.14 13. Choose an Image, Write a Title, and Enter Your Website Link
2.15 14. Make Payment
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What are Instagram Ads?

So, Instagram Ads is an advertising platform on social media. Instagram Ads will allow you to create ads on your Instagram feed and Instagram stories. If you are previously familiar with Facebook Ads, then Instagram Ads will be very easy for you.

Since being acquired by Facebook in 2012, the platform between the two has been unified with the Facebook Ads manager. So, each step in creating an ad on Instagram is almost the same as creating an ad on Facebook. However, you must first create a Facebook page before you create Instagram Ads.

Why Should You Use Instagram Ads?

You need to know that Indonesia is the 4th largest Instagram user in the world. Sourced from the napoleon cat page, as of November 2018, the number of Instagram users in Indonesia reached 60 million users.

Most users are from the younger generation aged 18 to 34 years, and men are the most dominating as much as 50.4%.

In addition, Tech In Asia also reported that as many as 45% of users in Indonesia admitted to frequently buying products they saw on Instagram social media. So, it will be very useful to develop a business through Instagram Ads.

How to Make Instagram Ads

Now, let’s learn together how to create Instagram Ads. But before that, you have to make sure your Instagram account has business Instagram status so that the ad management process can be easier.

1. Open Facebook Ads Manager

Please go to the Facebook Ads Manager page. Make sure you are logged into the account you use for your Facebook page.

2. Choose Guided Ad Creation

Next, please open the campaign menu and start selecting create ads. Later, Facebook will show you two options, guided ad creation or quick ad creation. We recommend choosing guided ad creation so that the ads you create can be more specific.

3. Define Advertising Goals

The third step in creating Instagram Ads is determining the advertising objectives you want to target. There are three categories for you to choose from, namely Consideration, Awareness, and Conversion.

4. Click Your Ad Destination

The fourth step you should take when creating Instagram Ads is to consider the ad objectives that are most suitable for you.

5. Choose Ad Type

Facebook provides you with two types of ads, namely Budget Optimization and Split Test. You should be able to choose one of them. You can’t use both types of ads at the same time.

In doing a split test, you will be asked to create two types of ads with almost the same content, namely content A and also content B. Your target audience will be divided into two and will see different ads.

So, you can see which ads are more attractive and generate profits. However, this type of ad costs twice as much as the budget optimization type.

6. Write Ad Name and Select Traffic Destination

Please fill in the name of your ad so that later you can monitor the performance of your Instagram Ads ad campaign. then, choose your traffic destination. You can point it to an application, website, messenger, or WhatsApp.

7. Show Promo

If you are running a promo campaign, then you can check the promo option so that the promo can appear.

8. Determine the Target Audience

With Instagram Ads, you can define a specific target audience based on the seven factors below.

1. Custom Audiences: You must manage the reach of those with whom you have interacted online or offline. You can direct your ads to those who have visited your website, on your Facebook page content, or who have called you.

2. Location: You can specify the target location. You only need to enter one or more countries, regions, cities, zip codes, and addresses in order to show or not show your ads to those in those locations.

3. Age: If the product you want to advertise can only be consumed or used by a certain age, then you can choose a target based on age, such as those aged 18 to 35 years.

4. Gender: In this case, you can determine which ad you will display according to gender, if it is specifically for men, you just have to choose for men too. Or you can choose both if your product can be used by both men and women.

5. Language: if you have selected a location with the same language, leave this field blank. unless, if your audience uses a language that is not commonly spoken in the location you have selected.

6. Detailed Targeting: This stage you should fill in more details, such as interests, location, behavior, etc. Please choose according to the product you want to promote later.

7. Connections: This option will only be useful if you want to show your ad to those who are already connected to an event or your app.

9. Determine Placement

If you choose automatic placement, your ad will appear on Instagram, Facebook, and all applications that have collaborated with Facebook. If you want to show these ads on IG, then you can choose to edit placements and only check Instagram.

10. Choose Schedule

You must specify how long your ad will show, one week, two weeks, one month, or six months.

11. Connect with your Instagram Account

At this stage, you have to add the Instagram account that you want to link with your Facebook page. We recommend adding a dedicated Instagram account to promote your business.

12. Choose Ad Format

There are five types of ad formats that you can choose according to your needs.

1. Carousel: display ads with two or more images or videos that can be shifted by the audience
2. Single Image: an ad display with only 1 image
3. Single Video: Ads with a single video.
4. Slideshow: Ads with slideable images or videos up to 10 images.
5. Collections: Ads can be in the form of a combination of images or videos

13. Create Text

At this stage, you must write a description of your ad, make it an attractive and short description so that each audience can immediately understand the purpose of your Instagram Ads.

14. Choose an Image, Write a Title, and Enter Your Website Link

Choose an image design that matches the description of your ad description. each FB Ads format requires its own image size. Add an attractive ad title so that it can grab the attention of your target audience. also enter the link or the link you want to go to.

15. Make Payment

At this last stage, you can make payments via debit or credit cards. If you have finished making the payment, then Facebook will review your ad and will display it immediately if it meets all the terms and conditions of Facebook. According to Digital Dhairya how to manage ads and create Instagram Ads for our business.


That’s our full explanation about Instagram Ads. So, Instagram Ads is an advertising platform on social media. Instagram Ads will allow you to create ads on your Instagram feed and Instagram stories.

If you can use it well and are equipped with the right digital marketing strategy, then you can get a lot of business benefits.

However, don’t forget to keep recording the business’s profits on the income statement. Why? because this report can be used as a reference in determining business decisions and the financial position of your business.

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