How To Verified Badges on Instagram: Here are the Terms and Benefits

Most people are still wondering about how to create a verified Instagram account. Based on the Instagram page, the verified Instagram sign means that Instagram has confirmed the authenticity of an account that represents a celebrity, public figure or a global or local brand.

An account that has been declared verified will be given a blue tick symbol that will appear next to the Instagram account name. Many people are struggling to get a verified sign. They claim that anyone who gets the mark is already more trusted and superior to other accounts.

In fact, not everyone can make their account turned into verified. There are a number of certain requirements from Instagram that must be met. However, you can still work on these conditions.

How to? Find the answer by reading this article to the end.


1 Requirement to Get Verified Instagram
1.1 1. Authentic
1.2 2. Unique
1.3 3. Complete
1.4 4. Famous
2 Ways to Create a Verified Instagram Account
2.1 1. Increase Followers and Engagement
2.2 2. Create Unique Posts
2.3 3. Follow Instagram Community Guidelines
2.4 4. Keep the Verified Sign
3 Advantages of Instagram Verification
3.1 1. Increasing Existence
3.2 2. Increase Brand Awareness
3.3 3. As Proof of Original Account
3.4 4. Has Various Exclusive Features
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Requirements to Get Verified Instagram

Most people think that the most important way to create a verified Instagram account is to have a large number of followers and must become an influencer. However, this method is not an absolute requirement.

Some accounts already have millions of followers but have not yet received a verified sign. On the other hand, there are people who just have tens of thousands of followers but can already have this sign.

Well, here are the conditions that you must fulfill if you want to get a verified Instagram sign:

1. Authentic

In this case, your account must be able to represent a registered and genuine business, person or entity.

2. Unique

Your account must be able to represent the existence of a unique business or person. Each individual or business can only get one verified Instagram account.

3. Complete

The next condition that you must fulfill to create a verified Instagram account is that your account must be public. In addition, you must also complete your account with a bio, profile photo, and share at least one post.

In addition, your account may not include an “add me” link on other social media accounts.

4. Famous

The last requirement to get verified on Instagram is that you must be able to represent a well-known brand, person, or entity and is sought after by many people. Instagram will review your account from various news sources.

If your account can meet the four requirements above, you can continue to apply for a verified sign to Instagram.

The trick, you simply open the profile page, then click the three lines at the top right. Then, go to the Settings menu – Account – request verification.

If you have, then Instagram will ask for some of your personal data, such as your username, full name, category, and some identification card attachments.

How to Create a Verified Instagram Account

1. Increase Followers and Engagement

One way you can prove that your account is worthy of the verified Instagram mark is a high number of followers and engagement.

This method is indeed not a sure way to assess your eligibility as an influencer or trusted brand. However, increasing Instagram followers is still a powerful way to create a verified Instagram account.

You can do various strategies, such as promoting your account on other social media, uploading photos at the right time, or making interesting posts. In addition, you can also use certain hashtags to increase followers and engagement.

2. Create Unique Posts

As previously explained, one of the requirements for Instagram to be able to get a verified account is unique. For that, make a post that is unique and personal. As much as possible, avoid following posts from other people. Be yourself and make your followers interested because of the unique photo and video content that you have created.

3. Follow Instagram Community Guidelines

Of course, Instagram itself will not want to give a verified sign-on accounts that violate their terms. For this reason, one of the most important ways to create a verified Instagram account is to comply with every requirement in the Instagram Community Guidelines.

4. Keep the Verified Sign

If you’ve got the verified sign, then you should keep the sign as good as possible.

Why? Because based on the Influencer Marketing Hub page, Instagram can revoke your verified Instagram sign if you sell the verified sign to other parties, then use your account to promote other businesses or services, and you get the verified sign from a third party.

Instagram Verification Benefits

Besides being able to look cooler and superior to other accounts, some of you must be curious about the benefits that can be obtained from verified Instagram.

Well, some of the advantages of getting verified on Instagram are as follows:

1. Increase Existence

This blue tick is very important to verify the real or real Instagram account. Thus, it will be able to increase user confidence in the account.

But on the other hand, this verified Instagram sign will also become a status symbol and be able to increase the existence of your account or business.

That’s why this verified sign is very often used as the main achievement for several accounts that are experiencing an increase in social media. You’ll be more visible than others, whether you’re uploading photos, in search, or commenting on an account, so this blue tick will still appear.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

In addition to individuals, company business accounts can also get this one verification, even more so with the growing development of online buying and selling businesses that are currently in the community.

Social media like Instagram will really help make it easier for customers to find and find your brand and they can contact you directly. So, you can use this media as a place for brand promotion and display a good image to the audience.

3. As Proof of Original Account

Every public figure, be it officials, artists, celebrities, or those who are already famous and have many followers, can very easily be faked by other accounts on Instagram. Especially if the original character does not have an Instagram account.

Well, this is the importance of verified Instagram for those who are already famous and have an influence on many people, because the verified symbol can make it easier for people to distinguish between real accounts and fake accounts.

The number of fake accounts can increase the risk of crime. For this reason, having verified, it will be able to reduce or even prevent irresponsible people from tricking unwary followers. We also recommend that see Upcoming World which explains step by step how to get verified on Instagram with easy steps and 100% approved with a blue tick. Let’s start with the upcoming word.

4. Has Various Exclusive Features

There are several features on Instagram that you can enjoy when you get verified Instagram. For example, you can have access to the link feature in the stories section. Only those who have been verified can add a link to their Instagram stories.


That’s our explanation about verified Instagram, complete with an understanding, how to get verified Instagram, and its benefits.

If you’ve managed to get verified Instagram, it’s better not to use it as a style. Use it wisely and don’t let you violate the various rules that have been set by Instagram.

For business people, getting verified Instagram on their business account will be able to increase the audience’s trust in these products. So, there will be many potential customers who believe and want to buy products or subscribe to services at the company. In the end, the income that can be obtained will also increase.

However, don’t forget to record the income in the income statement for later transfer to the company’s financial statements. Because you can use this report as a guide in determining future business policies.

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