How to eat to run a marathon

Training day by day to look better physically not only requires time and dedication but also the energy obtained through the foods we eat. But when it comes to participating in a marathon -composed of 42 kilometers and 195 meters- or a half marathon, this aspect must be taken into account and know how to eat to run in a marathon if we do not want our resistance and health to be harmed. we give you the keys so you know where to start.

Steps to follow:

1. During the training phase, in addition to being consistent with your physical preparation, it is recommended that you eat 5 meals a day: the three main meals and two snacks, one mid-morning and one in the afternoon.

2. You will have to reduce the consumption of fats and proteins and increase that of carbohydrates that will give you a good reserve of energy necessary for arduous training. You will find them in foods such as bread, cereals, pasta, rice, corn, peas, lentils, chickpeas or potatoes. How to start running to lose weight

3. Three days before running the marathon you should start preparing your body by eating properly so that it can effectively withstand the effort of the 42 kilometers. Reduce fats and proteins even more and increase the consumption of carbohydrates in your side dishes and in each meal you make What to eat before running

4. On the day of the marathon you should eat 3 hours before the start of the race to digest and have good blood glucose levels. The recommended meals are a good plate of pasta followed by rice with vegetables and potatoes or fish/lean meat with some carbohydrates such as corn, peas or the same potatoes

5. One hour before running, eat a piece of bread or some cookies along with a special hydrating drink for athletes to get your body in tune

6. During the marathon you should consume plenty of fluids in order not to become dehydrated, the usual is between half a liter and a liter every hour. After 20 kilometers it is also advisable to consume some biscuits or bread again so that our body does not suffer

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1. Remember that if you do not follow these tips you will be pushing your body and your resistance to the limit
2. Intense training requires proper nutrition to be healthy

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