How to design soccer jerseys

If you want to design a t-shirt for your school soccer team, neighborhood or group of friends you have come to the right page, in this article we are going to show you a few examples of sports equipment that you can use, we are also going to give you a pattern to design and manufacture sports shirts at home and thus be able to put the design you want. If you want to see each of the examples of sports shirts larger, you must click on the image.

Steps to follow:
1. A good way to design football shirts is to make simple cotton shirts and put a design on top,

these shirts are not made of breathable material but they can be enough. To do this you need to make a design of the drawing of the front part and another of the back part, in the image you see an example.
How to Design Soccer Jerseys - Step 1
2. A good way to design a soccer jersey yourself, you can do it through the software: FBKits. With this software you will be able to design the t-shirt you want, using the base of Adidas, Nike, etc. t-shirt patterns. This software allows you through the templates to be able to edit the designs with Photoshop.
How to Design Soccer Jerseys - Step 2
3. To make your own shirt here we attach the pattern that you can use for soccer shirts, note that the measurements are in centimeters.
How to Design Soccer Jerseys - Step 3
4. Some websites where you can buy cotton t-shirts and add your own design are the following: Remember that stripes are no longer very fashionable and what we recommend is strong, vivid colors with details in complementary colors. In the image, you can see some examples.
How to Design Soccer Jerseys - Step 4
5. Another option is to make a drawing of the design of the t-shirt or the entire kit. You can take this drawing to a store that makes t-shirts and that replicates the design that you have proposed. It will surely help them a lot to find a design similar to the one that you have. you want.
How to Design Soccer Jerseys - Step 5

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