Exercises to fatten buttocks

Sedentary life and the very nature of our body can cause the buttocks, far from presenting a firm and raised appearance, to be characterized by being flat muscles. The result is that our figure will move away from the canons of beauty. We can take measures to reverse the situation, being constant with the performance of physical activity. we offer you a series of exercises to fatten your buttocks. According To getfitbyivana 10 BEST EXERCISES TO START GROWING YOUR BOOTY 🔥 | Beginner Friendly Butt Workout | No Equipment

Steps to follow:

1. To gain muscle in the buttocks, you will need to do intense and fast exercises, so you will have to be in good shape to be able to execute them. For this reason, we recommend that you eat well before starting and start doing light physical activity, such as walking or jogging.
2. Jumping rope is a good practice as an exercise to fatten buttocks. Although as children we all jump rope without problems, as adults we must take measures to do it safely. So, basically, we must protect the joints and use an appropriate rope size. Dedicate 5 minutes a day to it and as the weeks go by, you will begin to notice results.
Jumping rope
3. The steps will also be your great allies to maintain a bum with volume but without being flabby. If you do not have access to these devices, you can make yourself some steps at home with a drawer. Accompany yourself with music that has rhythm and go up and down the steps for another 5 minutes a day.
4. This other exercise to fatten your buttocks will allow you to do much more localized work. Thus, while in the first two you also act on the leg muscles, with this activity you will basically exercise the glutes.

Get into a quadruped position on a mat. First, you will work with the right leg. Keeping it bent, raise it laterally as much as you can, and then return to the starting position. Do 10 raises with each leg.

Exercises to fatten buttocks - Step 4
5. The next exercise that we propose differs from the previous one in the way of raising the leg. Thus, you should start in a quadruped position on the mat, but this time you should stretch your leg back, without bending it either. Also, perform 10 lifts with each leg.
6. If you are constant with the execution of these exercises, you will see how little by little your butt gains volume and your figure improves its appearance. If you want more detailed and specific information on How to make your buttocks grow,

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