Names for soccer teams

Soccer is not only the most practiced sport in the universe, but the media treatment it receives raises it to the Olympus of the most followed sports disciplines in all corners of the world. The continents in which it has a greater tradition are Europe and South America, since the passion for football in these territories is considered a piece that supports their culture and society.

Taking this into account, it is not surprising that these are also the places where this sport is practiced the most. In fact, if you are reading this article, you probably have in mind to start a soccer league and you need ideas for creative names. Are you setting up a team with your friends and you don’t know what name to give it? we recommend the best names for soccer teams – funny names, unique names, names with meaning and much more. Take note!

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1. Funny soccer team names
2. Names for serious soccer teams
3. Names for English soccer teams
4. Names for women’s teams

funny soccer team names

You have probably belonged to a soccer team in childhood, even if it was one created with friends. If so, you will know that finding the right name is not always easy, however, if you want to opt for humor, the alternatives are very numerous. Want to be inspired by some real team options with funny names? We leave you some of the best here!

  1. Robin Hood (Suriname, whose creators were followers of this character)
  2. Carabobo (Venezuela)
  3. Semen Padang (Indonesia)
  4. Huachipato (Chile)
  5. Grandfathers FC (Ecuador)
  6. Limon FC (Costa Rica)
  7. Llanfairpwllgwyngyll F.C. (Wales)
  8. Independiente Mustache (Peru, the name comes from San Juan de Bigote, a city in the north of the country)
  9. Chispas (Argentina)
  10. Rico Chicken (Peru)
  11. Parrillas One (Honduras, owned by a company called Parrillas y Repuestos One)
  12. Tafea FC (Vanuatu)
  13. Crows of the End of the World (Argentina)
  14. Roadrunner (Mexico)
  15. Sale of Bathrooms (Spain)
  16. Toto African SC (Tanzania)
  17. PS Barito Putera (Indonesia)
  18. Nadroga, Fiji

Now yes, we are going to show you some possible names for perfect soccer teams if you want to enter amateur competitions:

  1. Minabo of kyiv
  2. Vodka Juniors
  3. Royal Dirt
  4. Aston Beer
  5. Yayo Vallecano
  6. grass grass
  7. Royal Whore
  8. married union
  9. The flu-stricken lions
  10. punctured balls
  11. kasko da lama
  12. West Ham
  13. The Alpine Combo
  14. The ankle kicks
  15. old skins
  16. neighborhood players
  17. natural winners
  18. With goals and crazy
  19. penalty referee
  20. We don’t know how to win
  21. royal alcoholics
  22. Nottingham Fear
  23. Coca Juniors
  24. Sorrowful Union

Names for serious soccer teams

If your team wants to have a serious name they can compete with without being the laughing stock of a league, there are several options you can choose from. At OneHOWTO we suggest some of our favorite names for serious soccer teams:

  1. Recreational Mount Pelée, in honor of the French mount. It is a very impressive active stratovolcano, so the name can also embody this spirit.
  2. Club La Rivera.
  3. Los Apaches, a name with connotations of rivalry and grit.
  4. Patagonia Athletic Club.
  5. Don Viriato is, name of a tribal leader (the Lusitanians).
  6. Club Amazonas, with a great team spirit like the size of the tropical forest.
  7. Atlétic Club El Alicantino, to wink at Chile and its culture.
  8. Los Alisios, representing the winds of the Canary Islands.
  9. Club Atlético Pompeii, in honor of the archaeological location of southern Italy.
  10. The Minotaurs, to embody the power of the monster of Greek mythology.
  11. Club Atlético Aquiles, in the spirit of the Greek hero of the Trojan War.
  12. The Plebeians.
  13. Recreational Cavern.
  14. The RC League.
  15. The Sovereigns
  16. Coast Club

Names for English soccer teams

To finish this article on names for football teams, at OneHOWTO we present the following list of names for English teams, perfect if you want to give your team an international look!

  1. United Goals: the spirit of unity in the locker room, the cornerstone for goals and victories. A name that fits in a team with this idea.
  2. Yorkshire – named after the largest county in England.
  3. Green&White: in reference to the green and white kit, it is a proposal for a team that contains these colors on its shirt.
  4. Kings: if you and your team consider yourselves the kings of football, nothing better than a direct and clear name like this.
  5. TBT : (pronounced ti-bi-ti in English) refers to The Best Team, the best team, so if you do not lack self-esteem and want to be the best in the game, this name will fit you perfectly.
  6. Strongest Team: with the intention of sending a clear message to the opponents and being the strongest in the competition.
  7. Red Monsters – imposing on rivals with the name of the team is the first step towards victory. If your shirt is red, this name shows that you will fight to the end for every victory.
  8. Speed&Goal: a team designed to compete on the counterattack and in which speed and success in front of goal are the hallmarks.
  9. Clean Sheet – Perfect name for a team whose main tactic is to keep a clean sheet. And it is that, as it is popularly said, the best attack is a good defense.
  10. Sportsmanship – The values ​​of a team are fundamental to understanding its spirit and philosophy of play. For that group that wants to champion sportsmanship and give it priority over other goals, this is a good name.
  11. The Slayers: the assassins, for an aggressive team that goes for it all and wants to make their rival tremble from the first minute of play.
  12. War Hawks – Hawks are capable of unimaginable speeds, so if you want a name for a fast and warlike team, this is one of the best.

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