How can I use home remedies to eliminate blind pimples?

Skin Care Tips: Keeping the face always beautiful and glowing is no less than a big task. There are many things like cleansing, toning, moisturizing and many other things that help in making the skin glowing. However, our diet, changes in environment and pollution have the biggest impact on the skin. Many times pimples appear on the face due to pollution, dust present in the air, and sun rays. Pimples still heal quickly, but it is impossible to eliminate blind pimples that occur inside the facial skin. Blind pimples occur on the lowest surface of the face and often feel like a lump.

If blind pimples (What is Blind Pimple) increase, it can cause many types of skin problems. Many times people take beauty treatments to cure blind pimples, but beauty treatments do not work for every skin type. If you are troubled by blind pimples, then today in this article we are going to tell you about some special home remedies (Blind Pimple Theek karne ke Gharelu Upaye). By following these home remedies, you can get rid of blind pimples in a short time.

Home Remedies for Blind Pimple

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is most effective in providing relief from all skin problems. The nutrients of tea tree oil work to eliminate blind pimples hidden in the skin. To get rid of blind pimples, you can apply tea tree oil on the face 2 to 3 times. If you want, you can add tea tree oil to your moisturizer and apply it.

2. Apply honey


Honey is easily available in every Indian home and it helps in providing relief from all skin-related problems. To get relief from the problem of blind pimples, you can apply honey directly on the face. Apart from this, you can also mix honey in your face pack and apply it on your face. The nutrients in honey work to deeply moisturize the skin and the antibiotic properties present in it help in eliminating the bacteria that cause acne on the skin.

3. Use lemon

Lemon mask

You can use lemon to get relief from blind pimples. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are found in lemon. Due to anti-bacterial properties, lemon prevents blind pimples from emerging and eliminates them from within the surface itself. To get relief from the problem of blind pimples, you can apply lemon juice by mixing it in your face pack.

4. Take a hot compress or steam

You can also use hot compress or steam to eliminate blind pimples as soon as possible. You can soak a cotton cloth in warm water and apply it directly on your face. Apart from this you can also take steam. Taking steam on the face helps in eliminating the dirt from the skin, thereby eliminating the problem of blind pimples.

The problem of blind pimples can increase with time and cause large pimples on the face. If home remedies do not work within a few days to get relief from the problem of blind pimples, then you should consult a skin doctor.

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