Here Are Home Workout Routine For Men

One of the best ways to stay fit is by exercising at home. It is true that the equipment that we are going to have in a house is not the same that can be found in a gym, but for those people who do not like to go to the gym every day or who simply do not have time, it is the best solution to stay in shape.

Next, we present a home exercise routine for men distributed over three days (designed to be repeated twice a week and one day off). To do it, you will only need comfortable clothes and very simple equipment that everyone has at home. Keep reading we’ll tell you how to do it!

Table Of Content

1. Exercise routine at home: day 1
2. Home exercise routine: day 2
3. Exercise routine at home: day 3

Exercise routine at home: day 1

Throughout this first day, the five exercises presented below will be carried out:

  1. Diamond push-ups: This type of push-up is characterized by putting your hands very close to each other. In this way, in addition to strengthening the chest and the “core” in general, the arms will also be worked, especially the triceps.
  2. Open push-ups: in this case, it is about also doing push-ups but with the hands as far apart as possible from each other. In this way, the chest is especially strengthened, although the stabilizing muscles of the trunk will also be worked.
  3. Bow push-ups for shoulders: These push-ups work, above all, the shoulders. To perform them, we will take the initial position of traditional push-ups. But, in this case, the hands should be as close as possible (parallel) to the waist area. Likewise, the fingers should be in the direction of the legs. If the posture is correct, you will see that you have to force your shoulders to be able to go up and down.
  4. Front plank: this exercise will strengthen the entire abdominal area and, at the same time, part of the arms and the stabilizing muscles of the entire body. To do this, we will remain in the plank position on the floor or a mat, supported by the elbows and feet and tightening the abdominal muscles. You can adapt the endurance time to the physical state of each one.
  5. Sit-ups with legs in suspension: this exercise will also serve to strengthen the abdominal area. To do it, we will lie face up on the floor or a mat. We will raise the legs at an angle (imagine that you were sitting on a chair but with your back against the floor). In that position and keeping the legs still and suspended, we will perform small sit-ups with the hands placed on the abdominal area to check that the contraction is correct.

Home exercise routine: day 2

The second day we will also perform exercises focused on the core and the upper area, but of a different type to give greater amplitude to the work of the muscles:

  1. Decline push-ups: these are the same open push-ups that we did the day before but placing the feet in an elevated position. We can use a chair or even the sofa seat if space allows. In this way we will provide more resistance to the upper part of the pectoral, as well as to the shoulders.
  2. Pike push-ups: These push-ups are designed to especially strengthen the shoulders. We adopt the traditional position of classic push-ups, but now we try to place the feet closer to the hands, in such a way that the body is in a position close to an inverted V. The exercise consists of performing push-ups moving only the arms, which will force us to exert force with the shoulders (the head must remain in a comfortable position and aligned with the rest of the spine at all times).
  3. One-arm tilted push-ups: these are the classic push-ups with a variant that allows you to exercise your arms more prominently. To do this, we adopt the classic push-up stance (a mid-open stance, not as small as diamond push-ups and not as large as open push-ups). At the time of descending, we will flex one of the arms and the other will remain extended. We raise and repeat with the other arm. In this way, greater force is exerted on the arms and allows them to hypertrophy more successfully.
  4. Side plank: This is the abdominal planks but focused on the oblique abdominals. To do this, we will lie on our side on the ground or a mat and, resting our arm and elbow on the ground, we will raise our body to keep our spine completely straight. At the other end of the body, we will maintain the support point that our feet give us. We will maintain the posture for the time according to the physical condition of each one and we will repeat on the other side. If you want to continue working the lateral muscles, do not miss these instructions on How to do oblique abdominal crunches.
  5. Sit-ups with leg raises: This sit-up exercise is designed to especially strengthen the lower abdomen, so it can help mark the much-desired V of the swimsuit in men. To do this, we will lie on our back on the floor or a mat and, stretching our legs but without locking our knees, we will slowly raise them until reaching an angle of 90 degrees. Then, we descend without touching the ground and repeat at least 10 times.

Exercise routine at home: day 3

To finish the home exercise routine for men we will focus on the lower part of the body:

    1. Squats: we will perform classic squat exercises using our own body as weight. To do this, we extend our arms forward, slowly descend until our knees reach 90 degrees and, without going down any further, we go back up and repeat. The spine and cervical area must remain straight throughout the exercise. If you want to see, step by step, how to perform this exercise correctly, don’t miss this article on How to do glute squats.
    2. Tiptoes: This exercise works to tone the calf muscles of your legs. In turns and on one leg, we will repeatedly stand on our toes and maintain the position of the stretched muscle for a few seconds. Then we will repeat with the other foot. If we can’t keep our balance easily, we can lean on the wall with the hand opposite the leg we’re working on.
    3. Hamstrings with Decline Raise: Using a chair or couch seat, lie on the floor face up and place your heels on the chair or couch seat. Keeping the legs together at all times, we lift the hips up and down in slow, mindful movements. This exercise will serve to strengthen the entire back of the legs.
    4. One-legged gluteal lifts: lying on your back on the floor or on a mat, we bend our legs and stretch one of them completely. Next, we will have to lift the hips to exert force on the glutes. Once we have completed the repetitions, we change legs and repeat with the other leg stretched out.
    5. Strides: Finally, we will finish the routine with the strides exercise, which will help complete the work of the lower body. To do this, starting from a standing position and with the hands resting on the sides of the hips, we will take a slow and conscious stride forward, without exceeding 90 degrees of knee flexion. Then, we return to the initial position and do the same with the other leg.

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