Five Unique Facts about Lemon Plants

Many people are probably already familiar with citrus fruits or lemons. This fruit is one that is quite popular among many people because it is often used as a dish composition or to beautify the appearance of a menu.

The characteristics of lemons are their yellow color and fresh sour taste. This is what makes the lemon aroma is also very distinctive and can be distinguished easily. To get to know more about lemons, then you can see some of the following facts.

1. Lemons have a history from South Asia to the Middle East

Usually, each type of plant has a different history, one of which is about the place of origin. Similarly, the lemon fruit also has a long history of its existence.

As reported by the official Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction report, lemons were originally found in northwest India. Furthermore, the existence of lemons was introduced to the south of Italy around 200 AD.

Then the fruit began to be cultivated in Egypt and Iran since 700 AD. Even lemons have spread throughout the Mediterranean region at the beginning of the second century. This is what makes lemons have a long history, before finally spreading to all corners of the world.

2. Things to consider in lemon cultivation

Cultivating lemon plants is not as easy as imagined. This is because planting lemons from seed to fruiting can take 3-6 years. This is what makes lemon cultivation requires a strong commitment and a maintenance process that is also not easy.

Citing Agri Farming, lemons can usually grow in various types of soil, especially soils that have a pH of around 5.5-7.0. Lemon plants also need sufficient sunlight, as well as good care. In this way, usually lemon plants will productively continue to bear fruit for 15-20 years.

3. Benefits of lemon for health

Besides being known as one of the compositions in making food or drinks, it turns out that lemon also has its own benefits. It is not surprising that often lemon is considered one of the medicinal plants.

Lemons are even known to have proven benefits, some of which are to control weight, nourishing the digestive system, are high in vitamins, fiber, and much more, as reported by Healthline. This reason is also what makes many people regularly consume lemons to support their health.

4. The variety of types of lemons

Like other types of plants or fruits, lemons also have quite a different variety. Usually, these varieties are adjusted to the size, shape, color, taste, to the area of ​​origin. This is what can then be the difference between one type of lemon with another lemon.

In general, there are several types of lemons that are quite well known, such as the Eureka Lemon, Lisbon Lemon, and Mandarin Lemon, as quoted by Asian Recipe. On average, this type of lemon produces fruit that is small in size but has a soft texture and is yellow in color. The taste also varies, from fresh sour to sweet.

5. The world’s largest lemon distributor

Being one type of fruit that is needed by many people, it is not surprising that several countries have decided to import it. Usually, these imports are intended for countries that do have little or no lemon yields.

As reported by Down to Earth, the country that is the largest producer of lemons in the world is India. This Bollywood country even managed to produce about 17 percent of the total lemon commodity in the world. This is what makes lemons one of the most important commodities in mainland India.

In fact, lemons contain many facts that people may rarely know. Starting from history, cultivation, to production, which of course is very much needed by many people. Are you also a fan of lemons?

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