9 Interesting Facts about the Sand Tiger Shark

This shark looks like it came straight out of your worst nightmare. His body is big. His eyes are small and unopened. His sharp, jagged teeth and protruding gave the impression that they were grinning all the time.

His name is the sand tiger shark. This large-bodied shark lives in warm ocean waters around the world. Even though the name is similar to the tiger shark, the two are not closely related. This shark is actually a cousin of the great white shark. Both are types of sharks of the same order as the frilled shark, goblin shark, and megalodon.

Even though it has a frightening appearance and is related to a large, fierce predator, it is said that this shark can be approached by divers, you know. Plus, did you know that they’re the only sharks that swim to the surface for air? Check out the following nine interesting facts about the sand tiger shark that you won’t want to miss!

1. According to Oceana, the sand tiger shark can grow to a length of 3.2 meters and weigh more than 150 kilograms

Sand Tiger Shark

2. They are the only sharks that swim to the surface to catch their breath, then are stored in their stomachs so they can float

sharks swim breath

3. While still in the womb, the sand tiger shark devours its smaller and weaker brethren. These cannibalistic traits disappear after they are born

4. Once born, the size has reached 1 meter. Therefore, since childhood, they are superior in the wild

5. Its serrated teeth are more designed to grip slippery prey than to tear it

6. They also hunt in groups. As reported by Mental Floss, at least a hundred sand tiger sharks have ever been seen circling a group of small fish!

sand tiger shark hunt in group

7. According to the Aquarium of the Pacifics, this shark can sense the movement of water up to a distance of about 90 meters

8. Even though it looks scary, this shark is actually not aggressive and is safe for divers to approach. If they feel uncomfortable, they swim away

9. According to data from the Florida Museum, since 1580 there have only been 36 unprovoked attacks that were not fatal

Well, even though it’s not an aggressive type of shark, if the sand tiger shark has shown uncomfortable movements, it’s better not to approach it anymore, okay?

The spooky appearance of the shark does give the impression of being dangerous to humans. Unfortunately, this seems to justify the persecution of sharks and cover up the fact that humans are actually more dangerous to the existence of sharks than the other way around. So, come on, start appreciating and respecting the existence of animals.

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