Does Your Child Know About Bad touch?

Does Your Child Know About Bad Touch: Considering the kind of incidents happening with children these days, it is important to tell them about right and wrong touch even at the smallest level. With the help of the book ‘No Touch’ written on this subject, you can give information about right and wrong touch to children.

About the book:

Author: K.S. Krishna

Illustrator: Ayesha Sadr and Ishaan Dasgupta

Publisher: Scholastic India

This book, through a story, brings out the sexual crimes and right and wrong touch with children. The story revolves around a school-going girl, Sargam. Sargam becomes a detective to expose the dark secrets of her house. It begins playfully when Sargam asks her friend to tell her a secret, but the turn comes when her friend tells her about the sexual abuse that happened to her. How one of her neighbor’s uncles exploits her and asks her to suppress it, so that she cannot tell anything to her family.

This incident with her friend has an impact on Sargam and at the same time she remembers something about her father. When he told about the right and wrong way to touch it. What should be done in such a situation was also told. Sargam first notices her younger sister, and she tells her about the right and wrong touch.


The method of this book is quite correct in teaching children the lesson of right and wrong touch and sexual abuse. There are 3 reasons I’d call it a good try:

  1. It is in short story format and the bright design gives a reason to read it.
  2. The story has three main characters with whom children can relate.
  3. This is an attempt to give them a good lesson through the children, in their own language.

According to me:

Exploitation of children is a bitter truth of the society in which we live. Therefore, as an adult, it is important to talk to the child on this issue, explain it to him and maintain his confidence. It is true that no parent will be comfortable talking to their child on this topic, but it cannot be ignored. There should be talk on this. According to me, all parents should read this book and children too.

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