Why are there many reasons for stunting in a child’s development?

What does stunting in children’s development mean?

Every child grows at his own pace, some learn to speak early, some late. Some grow tall quickly, some grow late. This is normal, but there are some important stages in the development of children that every child has to cross. That is to say, there are some parameters of development, according to which it is necessary for the child to develop at a certain age, in a certain time, any kind of deficiency in this is a serious issue, which needs attention.

How to know whether the child’s growth has stopped or is delayed?

Parents are the first to notice any deficiency in the child’s development. If compared to other children, their children are growing a little late or taking time to learn things, then it can be a matter of concern, but this is a temporary delay. To detect stunting in a child, you have to pay attention to some parameters. After this contact the doctor, if according to him there is a lack of growth, then he can refer to a specialist.

Look at the child’s growth on these parameters:

motor skills (use of hands)

  • hold on language
  • How social is he, is he able to get along with people or not?
  • I know how to think
  • Vision

After checking the child’s growth on these parameters, if he is lagging behind in any of these, then you can contact your doctor. Deficiency in any three of these is called global developmental delay. This is a serious growth issue and for this you may have to give a lot of care, treatment, and medical help to the child. This is usually genetic, so it is important to seek medical help on time. By taking care of your child on time, you can make his future life easier.

What are the causes of developmental delay in children?


Any kind of stress first hits the child’s brain and his ability to think and understand. Many times the child’s development stops due to this. But it has no value in comparison to the love and attention received from parents. Love is capable of reducing any kind of stress.


Nutrition is very important for the development of any person. The development of children largely depends on the food and upbringing they receive, hence any deficiency in it has a negative impact. Give healthy and balanced food to your child while keeping him away from the world of junk food.


Children born prematurely or prematurely face many health risks, including growth issues. There is a difference in their learning capacity, their weight and height compared to other children. However, the method of measuring the age and other things of premature babies is slightly different. If a premature baby is born 2 months early, then his age in 1 year will be considered as 1 minus 2 months, i.e. 10 months. That is why his growth will not be compared with that of a 1-year-old child.

Disclaimer: Our aim is to provide correct information to you. Do not consider it in any way a substitute for doctor’s consultation and treatment. The doctor’s advice is paramount.

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