Do you want to make your relationship with your children more beautiful?

The following activities can help you to further improve your relationship with your child and show your love and affection

1. Gardening


This is one of the most perfect ways to connect with your baby. Not only can you teach them about the importance of plants and educate them about different types and species of plants, but you can also watch them have fun watching plants grow and picking and eating the fruits. Can.

2. Art and craft

Art and craft

Do you remember when a big part of homework used to be arts and crafts? You used to sit with your parents with some colored paper and glue and it was such a lovely time, wasn’t it? Similarly, you can further improve your relationship with your child by helping him with his homework. They will be very happy to see you doing different and interesting crafts. Give them the opportunity to enjoy these artworks with you. This will not only shape your child’s creative thinking but will also help them get closer to you.

3. Play with them

Play with them

Do you remember those naughty days you spent running with your mother in the park? Or when your dad taught you some cricket shots? Old memories have been refreshed! Jumping here and there in the tall grass for hours and finally relaxing after drinking a big glass of lassi; Your child will also definitely enjoy such moments with you. You can also play sports with them like cycling or swimming. If the weather conditions are not conducive for all this, simple games like Ludo or Snakes-ladders can also be played indoors.

4. Go on a date

This is also an activity to give a new look to your relationships and shows accurate and very quick results. Plan a day out with your child and do whatever your child likes. The best thing about children is that they become happy with the smallest things. On this day, if you wish, you can also get the child ice cream from the nearby shop or can also enjoy the competition of eating pani puri.

5. Sit and Read stories or just chat

You can either spend some serious, quality time with your child or simply enjoy some chitchat. Have something funny or random with them and inspire them to share about their school, friends, and other personal things. Do you remember the last time you opened or read a comic or storybook? You can create a new bond in your relationship by reading a story from your child’s favorite storybook.

6. How about a party?

Spending time with your child is a satisfying personal experience in itself. There are no hard and fast rules about what activities you should do with your child to improve your relationship. It only depends on your child’s likes and dislikes. All that is important is that both of you enjoy doing it and that you continue doing these types of activities.

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