Does Eating Oats Increase Breast Milk?

Breast Milk: After the birth of the baby, it is advised to give only the mother’s milk to the child for 6 months. Many nutrients are found in mother’s milk, which helps in protecting the baby from diseases, allergies and obesity. Antioxidants and enzymes are found in breast milk which prove to be very helpful in the mental and physical development of the child. However, due to today’s eating habits and lifestyle, most women find it difficult to breastfeed. After the birth of a child, women say that milk is either not being produced in their breasts or is being produced in less quantity.

Due to less breast milk production, their baby’s stomach is not filled and they have to feed packet milk. If you too are struggling with low supply of breast milk, then you can include oats in your diet. Oats is a healthy food and contain an adequate amount of nutrients, which help in increasing breast milk. In this article, we are going to tell you how oats help in increasing breast milk and what are the benefits of eating it.

Health Benefits of Eating Oats

1. The nutrients present in oats help in controlling the blood sugar of the body. An increase in blood sugar during pregnancy or after delivery can increase the risk of diabetes.

2. Melatonin and complex carbs present in oats increase the number of tryptophan, which helps in improving sleep.

3. The nutrients of oats are considered very beneficial for the skin. Oats acts as an exfoliator on the skin and helps in making the skin beautiful.

4. Vitamin B present in oats helps in reducing the symptoms of fatigue, anger and depression in women after delivery.

5. Beta-glucans are found in oats, which help in strengthening immunity by reducing the glycemic effect.

Do oats help in increasing breast milk supply?

Oats or oatmeal are considered very beneficial for health. To increase breast milk, women can consume oats for breakfast daily. A good amount of fiber is found in oats, which makes the stomach feel full for a long time and also helps in providing an adequate amount of energy. Breastfeeding mothers can increase breast milk by relying on oats for a long time. Oats helps in increasing breast milk, but does not have any effect on the quality of breast milk.

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