Date Vs White Sugar Which Is Beneficial For Health?

Date vs White Sugar Which is Better for Health

Dates and white sugar are used in abundance in Indian homes. White sugar is added to morning tea and dates are used to make kheer healthy. People who eat both white sugar and dates often ask the question what is healthy and what is not. If there is confusion in your mind about which is healthier between dates and white sugar, then let us know the answer.

Date vs White Sugar Which is Better

Date Vs White Sugar

Dietitian and nutritionist Mac Singh has posted on his Instagram that which is more beneficial for health between dates and white sugar. According to Mac Singh, “20 grams of sugar contains approximately 77.4 calories, while the same amount of dates contain 56.4 calories. While 20 grams of sugar contains 0.2 mg of calcium and 0 fiber. Whereas, if we talk about dates, then 20. “One gram of dates contains 1.6 grams of fiber and 7.8 milligrams of calcium. It is obvious that dates are beneficial for health compared to white sugar.”

Why are dates more beneficial than white sugar?

“The major difference between white sugar and dates is their glycemic index (GI). Dates have a low GI, which means they are digested slowly, causing blood sugar levels to rise gradually.” Increases. When we consume dates, it gives energy to the body gradually. Whereas sugar has high GI and blood sugar level increases rapidly in the body. Sudden increases in blood sugar levels can lead to many diseases including diabetes. The risk increases.”

Disadvantages of white sugar

Experts say that consuming white sugar increases cravings and it is difficult to control hunger. Due to this both obesity and weight can increase.

Consuming white sugar in excessive amounts causes problems like mood swings, fatigue, and headaches. Consuming sugar can cause premature wrinkles and freckles on the face.

When you use sugar, it increases the work of the liver and puts pressure on it. Due to this, fatty liver problems may occur.

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