Can Herbs Help You Get Pregnant?

For thousands of years herbs were used as medicine, before the advent of modern medicine. Still, have you ever thought that herbs might be able to help those who are trying to conceive.

Are herbs useful?

In addition to switching to a healthy lifestyle and adopting nutritional supplements, herbal treatments can also be another option for those planning to get pregnant. Herbal intake is to balance hormones and promote ovulation to increase the chances of pregnancy. Furthermore, herbs are natural, so their intake can support and promote the body’s natural functions. Even so, you still need to get a doctor’s prescription before starting to take herbs.

How to take herbs the right way?

The first thing you need to know is that if you are taking any family planning tools, herbal dietary supplements will not help you to conceive. This is because the use of contraceptives means it is reducing the function of your ovaries, while taking herbal supplements, works the other way around.

Results from herbal treatments can usually be seen after 60 to 120 days in infertile couples. The effect is cumulative as it grows, over time.

In fact, there are also conditions to make this herbal treatment effective. Since it is a natural cure, then your own body must be in a natural state. The menstrual cycle or ovulation should proceed as usual. Therefore, if you plan to use outside aids in your fertility treatment, such as IVF transplants, you should not take herbs. However, during the IVF cycle, there are interesting results observed with the intake of herbs.

What types of herbs are good for fertility?

Some herbs that are recommended to increase fertility are:

  • Red raspberry leaf (red raspberry leaf) which is a well-known herb is used for fertility treatment. It is high in nutrients, high in calcium and is very good for pregnancy.
  • Nettle leaf contains high amounts of nutrients and vitamin K to stop bleeding. It also helps reduce stress.
  • Dandelions contain vitamins A and C, which are nutritious for the liver and also good for clearing toxins in the body.
  • Angus Castus is used to treat hormonal imbalance problems.

There are many more herbal supplements you can find today, some of which are sold at most vitamin and health food stores. Even so, it is better if you inform your doctor first before taking herbs.

For those in their 20s, it may not be difficult to conceive naturally. However, as we age (entering our 30s), women will have difficulty conceiving naturally. Therefore, many need help to get pregnant immediately. Keep in mind that excessive consumption is not good for your health, especially with the intake of herbs that may contain side effects, both known and unknown. Search, take in moderation is better.

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