8 Causes That Cause Your Teeth To Be Damaged & Moldy

Sometimes some bad habits you do can be the cause of badly damaged teeth without you realizing it? Let’s find out the 8 practices that you often do.

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8 causes of severely damaged teeth

Brushing your teeth is one of the ways to keep your teeth and mouth clean. Yet, without us realizing it, there are some bad habits that we often do that can be the cause of our damaged teeth.

Here is a list of bad habits often made that are the cause of broken teeth.

1. Causes of severely damaged teeth – Chewing ice

Chewing ice

You might consider ice harmless to teeth since it is natural and sugar-free. But hard and frozen ice can make your teeth crack, thus being the cause of badly damaged teeth.

Chewing ice can cause irritation to the soft tissues inside the teeth and it can result in you feeling toothache. Eating hot or cold foods can trigger pain and stinging in the teeth.

If you crave to chew ice, why not choose to chew sugar-free chewing gum?

2. Jelly candy

Jelly candy

Sweets are indeed bad for oral health and are a cause of badly damaged teeth. But sour-type jelly candies contain more acid which is not good for your teeth.

Even chewy jelly candies will generally stick to your teeth for longer and make them potentially cause damage.

If you want something sweet, you can take chocolate. And after eating, do not forget to clean the mouth, it can reduce the risk of exposure to the cause of decayed teeth.

3. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks

Surely you already know that carbonated water does not bring any benefits even if it has the word ‘diet’. Soda carbonate causes plaque to produce a lot of acid to fight tooth enamel.

Therefore, if you inhale carbonated water all day, this means you are coating your teeth with acid. Dark carbonated water can stain your teeth.

But do not continue to brush your teeth after drinking carbonated water, as it will accelerate the damage to your teeth.

4. Milk bottle

Milk bottle

Breastfeeding your child with a bottle of milk is not wrong, but letting your child fall asleep and the bottle of milk still lying in the mouth is wrong.

It will cause the sugar to stay in your child’s mouth overnight. This can damage your child’s teeth. Try to prevent this from happening to prevent any tooth decay in your child.

5. Pierced

Piercing the tongue or lips and wearing metal earrings

Piercing the tongue or lips and wearing metal earrings can cause your teeth to break or crack. When metal competes with the gums, it can cause damage to the gums which can also cause you to lose teeth.

Piercings made can also pose a risk of infection and wounds. Tongue piercing also has the potential to cause the risk of severe bleeding if pierced in a large blood vessel. It is better for you to seek the advice and opinion of a doctor first.

6. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

Oranges, grapefruit, and lemon are delicious and juicy fruits and high in vitamin C. It is a fruit that is good for health.

Yet make sure you don’t take it in excessive quantities, even by squeezing it into drinking water as the high acid content can get rid of the enamel and make it among the causes of tooth decay to occur.

In addition, the acids contained in citrus fruits can irritate sores in the mouth. If you want to get the antioxidant and vitamin content from a fruit like this, take it in a controlled amount and rinse your mouth with water afterward.

7. Clench your teeth

Clench your teeth

It is a bad habit that is difficult to control because it often occurs during sleep or there are times when it is done due to emotional stress. Wearing a mouth guard can help reduce the risk of severely damaged teeth during sleep.

8. Smoking


Cigarettes and various other tobacco-based products can cause severe tooth decay and infections of the gums. Tobacco is also a factor in causing cancer of the mouth, lips and tongue.

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