Benefits of Pink Noise to Help Sleep Soundly Tonight

Pink noise brings deep, low sound frequencies to help you sleep better. Some of the sounds that include pink noise are the sound of rain and the hissing of the wind.

Table of Content

1. Get to know pink noise
2. Pink noise helps sleep better
3. The difference between pink noise and other types of sounds

Sleep problems can happen to anyone. Of course, there are many causes that can happen so that a person becomes very difficult to sleep at night. This also makes some people look for ways to get quality sleep, one of which is pink noise.

Pink noise is not as popular as white noise which is often used to make babies fall asleep faster. However, these deep and low voices are claimed to evoke drowsiness. For more details, see the information below.

Get to know pink noise

Pink noise is a background sound that sounds constant for a long time. This sound can exist at a frequency that can be heard by the human ear. However, the energy was not conveyed evenly.

The sound source will be present in a low frequency with a deep sound. Even though the source of the sound may seem distracting, the ear will not perceive it as a nuisance. In fact, the sound waves that can be heard can be very gentle and soothing.

Here are some sounds that sound as pink noise :

  • The rustle of the leaves in the wind
  • Heavy rain
  • Wind breeze
  • Heart rate

Pink noise helps sleep better

Pink noise can reduce other sounds that may irritate the human ear. You may accidentally hear loud sounds such as car horns, sleeping people snoring, or doors slamming.

A study found that pink noise can reduce brain activity and make you sleep more soundly. You can sleep longer and wake up refreshed the next day.

In addition, this type of sound can improve a person’s memory. A study says that pink noise can make a person remember more things. However, further research is needed to conclude this statement.

The difference between pink noise and other types of sounds

There are many sounds in the world and they have different colors. The color of the sound is grouped according to the intensity and energy it carries. Check out some of the colors you can find:

1. White noise

The color of this voice sounds the most soothing. The energy it carries is very evenly distributed with the same intensity. White noise will stimulate the human brain to cover up other noises that are heard. Examples of white noise are the sound of a rotating fan, radio static, the sound of an engine hissing, the sound of a hair dryer, and so on.

2. Pink noise

Unlike white noisepink noise carries a deeper, lower energy. These low sounds that make the human brain calmer and easier to sleep.

3. Brown noise

This type of sound has higher energy with a lower frequency. This makes brown noise have a deeper sound. Types of sound that include brown noise are the roar of a waterfall, thunder, and roars. Even so, there is no research that proves brown noise can cause sleep like white and pink noise.

4. Black noise

In fact, black noise indicates no sound at all or complete silence. Some people seek this complete silence to allow them to fall asleep. However, you will find it difficult to spot black noise when you live in a big city.

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