Benefits of Eating Petai for Health

Benefits of Eating Petai for Health

Although often complained about because of the annoying smell, petai provides many benefits. What are the benefits, huh? Petai is popular with its distinctive smell and taste. Even though it smells, many people like petai. Usually, petai is enjoyed with chili sauce, added to sweet and sour shrimp dishes, or other stir-fries.

Petai, known by the scientific name Parkia Speciosa(Bitter bean), contains lots of nutrients, you know! There are fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin C, and magnesium in petai.

Based on the abundance of nutrients, here are the various benefits of petai for health that you need to know:

1. Healthy Heart

Your heart works every second to pump blood. This vital function makes you need to maintain its health by consuming nutritious food.

Petai can be a food choice that nourishes the heart. Delivered by Dr. Gia, the potassium content in petai can help regulate heart rhythm and heart muscle function.

2. Protects the Digestive System from Disturbances

Fiber can prevent constipation because it keeps the texture of feces soft so that it passes more easily through the large intestine and is excreted by the body. 

In addition, fiber is also food for good bacteria in the intestines. These bacteria are responsible for making vitamins, breaking down toxins from food substances, and training the immune system.

“The fiber contained in petai can help maintain healthy digestion and prevent constipation. “Fiber can also support the growth of good intestinal bacteria,” said Dr. Gia.

3. Maintain Bone Density

Bones are made up of dense bone cells. Over time the level of bone density can decrease. This condition can lead to loss and lead to osteoporosis.

Apart from drinking milk, the consumption of petai can provide protective benefits for bones. 

“Peta contains magnesium and vitamin B6 which play a role in bone health. “This nutrition helps maintain bone density and prevents the risk of osteoporosis,” explained Dr. Gia.

4. Maintain Blood Sugar Balance

Like a rollercoaster, blood sugar levels in the body can fluctuate up and down. Fortunately, the body has the ability to keep sugar levels stable. 

However, in diabetes, maintaining normal blood sugar levels requires extra effort. The way to do this is by eating foods that are safe for blood sugar, such as petai.

“Petai has a low glycemic index, which means it can help keep blood sugar levels stable. This can be beneficial for individuals with diabetes or those who want to maintain their blood sugar balance,” explained Dr. Gia.

5. Improving the Immune System

Petai contains high vitamin C. In the body, vitamin C can stimulate white blood cells to become responsive to pathogens (germs).

This effect can make the immune system stronger in fighting germs that will infect the body. 

6. Supports Nerve Function

The nervous system in the body is responsible for sending impulses in the form of stimuli or responses. For example, when you touch a hot object, you will move your hand away from the hot object. 

Without a nervous system, you couldn’t feel heat or respond to get away from it. As a result, the skin can become red and blistered.

To carry out this function, the nervous system needs minerals and various B vitamins. Well, you can get these nutrients from consuming petai.

7. Launching a Diet

“Peta is a good source of energy and low in fat. Consuming petai in the right portion can help maintain a feeling of fullness for longer, meet energy needs, and assist in weight management,” said Dr. Gia.

The benefits of petai for weight loss come from the fiber it contains. Fiber which makes the stomach full longer, can suppress the desire to snack on unhealthy foods. 

That way, consuming petai in your diet plan can help you achieve your ideal body weight.

8. Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Blood pressure in the body can go up and down. If your blood pressure is higher than normal, you have hypertension. 

This condition can aggravate the performance of the heart. As a result, it can increase the risk of heart disease if hypertension is not controlled.

“The potassium content in petai can help maintain normal blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Gia.

9. Prevents Inflammation

Like nuts, petai also contain antioxidants. Antioxidant compounds are needed by the body to fight free radicals. 

Free radicals can damage and cause inflammation in cells. Over time inflammation and cell damage can lead to chronic disease.

Petai can be your protector because it contains phenolics which act as antioxidants. Consumption of petai and foods high in antioxidants can help prevent inflammation.

10. Improves Mood

A good mood makes you happier. Conversely, a bad mood can make you easily stressed and difficult to carry out activities optimally.

There are many ways to improve mood, one of which is consuming foods that contain magnesium. Well, petai contains magnesium which is quite high and this can provide good benefits for mental health.

11. Prevents Anemia

Iron is needed by the body to produce red blood cells. Blood itself serves as a carrier of nutrients, and oxygen, as well as excess minerals that the body does not need.

If the body lacks red blood cells, this indicates you have anemia. To reduce the risk of this disease, you need to eat foods high in iron such as petai.

12. Increases Fertility

It has been explained previously that antioxidants can block damage caused by free radicals. This effect does not only reduce the risk of chronic disease. but also fertility in men and women.

Antioxidants can improve the quality of egg cells so that menstruation becomes more regular and improves sperm quality. These benefits for male and female fertility can be obtained by consuming foods high in antioxidants, such as petai.

13. Optimize Brain Function

Potassium is needed by the nervous system, including the brain and surrounding blood vessels. This mineral helps brain cells to communicate with other cells in the body.

Well, eating petai can give you these benefits. Also, complete with foods that contain healthy fats so that the brain can function optimally.

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