All You Should Know About Using A Swing Or Cradle

I am a mother of two children. My first child was born in the West while my second child was born in India. Western culture mainly involves keeping babies in a cradle or bassinet from the very first day. Many people around advised me to put my baby in a swing or to get a traditional Indian baby cot. There are not many options for using swings and cradles in urban areas.

What is the difference between a swing and a cradle?

Both these words are used together but there is a difference in their types, baby cradles. Rocking cradles come in many forms. Traditional cradles are made of wood or metal. The swing is more like an old fashioned swing. Which are made of cotton cloth and are hung on the ceiling. And one had to sit next to the cradle and swing to rock it, whereas today’s modern models have self-propelled or motorized options and come with a timer and a music mobile.

Is it safe to use a swing or cradle?

Experts say babies should have a solid surface to sleep on While swings and cradles have been used for generations in India, there have been reports of incidents of falls and injuries that have stopped the preference for using swings. Is .

Sometimes babies roll onto one side and press their nose against the frame of the crib, causing respiratory arrest and death.

These days babies are very fast and start rolling quickly, which results in them leaning to one side while they are sleeping in the swing.

There is also a fear that after rolling, children may hit their head on the swing or get their fingers stuck in the wooden slots, which may cause injury.

Should we use swings and cradles?

Babies can associate the movement of rocking in the cradle with the movements felt in the mother’s womb, while swings and cradles help them fall asleep easily. They can also develop the habit of sleeping in the swing and when the mother is away from home. -This can be challenging for the father.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a swing or cradle:

  • Always consult a doctor before purchasing a swing or cradle.
  • Always make the child lie on his back in the swing.
  • Make sure that the cradle or swing is strong enough to support the weight of the child.
  • Do not keep pillows or soft toys in a mess in the swing or crib.
  • Make sure there is ventilation around the baby and that the baby is not sweaty.
  • Make sure there is enough space inside the swing.
  • Always keep the cradle in your sight and keep an eye on the baby at all times.
  • Do not allow pets near the crib.
  • Always move your baby gently.
  • Do not hang any garland on the cradle.
  • Never tie a mosquito net to the crib.

Keep in mind that the cradle is germ-free, clean and if it is made of metal then there should not be any junk in it.
We have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional cradle. We also know about other modern baby bed options like cribs.
Urban people also use car seats for safety purposes so that the child can sleep comfortably.
After knowing about the swing or cradle, never forget that the one you choose for your baby should be perfect from the safety point of view.

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