The Right Way To Bathe A Baby

While many of your first motherhood duties will come naturally to you, some things may require a little more preparation, like learning how to give your baby the first bath. When you’re getting ready for your baby’s first shower, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind so that everyone stays safe and has a great time.

Bathing your new baby can be a fun and emotional experience for both parents, just keep in mind some of the important tips below:

Even after placing the child in the bathtub, hold the child with one hand. Apart from this, try to bathe him with lukewarm water only.

Do not pour water directly on the baby’s soft skin. Use your palms between the water and his skin. First, let the water fall on your palm, then on the baby’s skin.

If the child cannot sit straight, take water in your palm and bathe him slowly.

While bathing the child, never apply soap directly on his skin. Make soap suds in another mug and soak a clean towel in the suds and clean the child’s body with the towel. Use shampoo in the same manner. Make a lather of shampoo in another mug and gently apply it on the child’s head.

Do not apply soaps, powders and oils meant for adults to children, it can cause harm to them. Use only special products made for children.

After bathing, wipe the baby with a dry towel. Rub the head gently. After wiping the body, dress it as soon as possible.

Use the right things

Buy a good baby bathtub. Apart from this, also take a baby towel. Keep one towel to wipe it, while the other towel to wrap it. Along with this, you should also buy a baby mug and baby mat. The special thing is that all these items should be of good quality.

Keep everything ready

Have everything ready (bathtub, towel, baby soap, and bathroom stool) before bathing the baby. It is better if all these are around. Apart from this, never leave the child alone in the bathtub. In fact, a child can drown even in water about 3 cm deep.

Pay attention to the temperature of the water also

Before bathing the child, check the temperature of the water. However, 37 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for bathing.

while bathing

Music is helpful in the development of those parts of the child’s brain that are responsible for his memory and ability to see and think. While bathing, try to develop the child’s brain development and activity through play. Keep humming a nursery rhyme or a song while bathing.

Bathe while playing

While bathing your baby, you can teach him a lot by doing different activities in water. Like splashing it in water or filling water in a mug. Through these activities, the child will easily learn about different causes and their consequences.

Benefits of bathing for baby

When you apply soap on your baby’s body while bathing, it makes him smell the fragrance.

Apart from this, massage done before or during bath increases the child’s agility. Massage increases the blood circulation of the child and after bathing he gets good sleep.

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