8 Best Vitamin D Recommendations for You and Your Family

Vitamin D is very important for the health of the body, especially bones and muscles. There are various types of vitamin D supplement brands that are sold in the market. You want to find out vitamin D supplements to maintain bone health and endurance? Here are recommendations for vitamin D that you can make an option.

How we choose vitamin D recommendations

Among the various vitamin D products available in the market, we prefer vitamin D products that are guaranteed safe and have a BPOM certificate.

In addition, we also choose products that contain more than 200 IU of vitamin D so that the dosage can be adjusted according to the needs and conditions of each user.

8 recommended vitamin D

Here we have collected a variety of good vitamin D recommendations that you can make your choice.

1. CDR

Calcium D Redoxon (CDR) is a recommended vitamin D that is available in the form of effervescent tablets to help meet your daily calcium needs.

In addition to calcium, Calcium D Redoxon (CDR) also contains vitamin D 300 IU, as well as C and B6.

Quoted from Better Health, these ingredients play a big role in maintaining bone health and increasing endurance.

Not only that, CDR can also help speed up the healing period when your immunity is weak due to illness. You can dissolve the CDR tablet in a glass of water once a day.

2. Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3

Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3 brand vitamin D supplement products claim to be made from the best quality vitamin D3 with strict standards.

Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3 is available in two IU dosage options, namely 400 IU and 1,000 IU. You can choose the variant by adjusting the required dose.

Dosage of use, just 1 soft gel a day to meet your daily vitamin D needs.

3. Femmy Vitamin D3

As stated on the packaging, the Femmy Vitamin D3 brand vitamin D product contains 1000 IU of vitamin D. This content is suitable to meet your daily vitamin D needs.

To help increase endurance to the maximum, you can take one tablet of Femmy Vitamin D3 every day.

This product is suitable as one of the recommendations for vitamin D because it is available in practical packaging in the form of a strip containing 10 tablets so that it is easy to carry anywhere.

4. Healthy Care Vitamin D3

The Healthy Care Vitamin D3 brand supplement product contains 1000 IU of vitamin D which is available in 500 capsules in one bottle.

With sufficient composition to meet daily vitamin D needs, Healthy Care Vitamin D3 is able to help absorb calcium into the bones and maintain body resistance.

5. Now Food Vitamin D3

Slightly different from previous vitamin D recommendations, Now Food Vitamin D3 is a vitamin D supplement that is available in very high doses, which is 5,000 IU.

However, don’t worry, if you have special conditions that require lower vitamin D intake, you can choose other Now Food Vitamin D3 variants.

Now Food Vitamin D3 is also available in several doses, namely 400 IU, 1,000 IU, and 2,000 IU.

Not only help maintain endurance, but this vitamin can also help maintain your bone health.

6. Blackmores Calcimag Multi

As the name implies, Blackmores Calcimag Multi has a variety of ingredients other than 200 IU of vitamin D.

Other ingredients such as calcium and magnesium in this product can help prevent and treat bone loss, as well as maintain healthy muscles and nerves.

Blackmores Calcimag Multi is also claimed to be safe for consumption by pregnant women.

7. Wellness Vitamin D3

Wellness Vitamin D3 is one of the recommendations for vitamin D which is packaged in soft capsules or soft gels.

This vitamin can help the absorption process of calcium in the body so it is good for the prevention of brittle bones.

Wellness Vitamin D3 products contain vitamin D3-1000 IU and can be consumed at a dose of one soft gel a day.

8. Nature’s Health Nano Calcium

Nature’s Health Nano Calcium is also one of the best vitamin D recommendations that you can choose.

Available in soft gel form, this product has the advantage of a formulation that uses nanotechnology so that it can be more easily absorbed by the body.

Not only does it contain 200 IU of vitamin D, this product also has a fairly high calcium content of 600 mg.

You can make this vitamin an option to help maintain bone health and speed healing in people with bone injuries.

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