20 Cool NASA Inventions We Don’t Know We Use Everyday

Hey, which of you as a child dreamed of being an astronaut? It’s no wonder that many young children want to be astronauts.

NASA or The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is cool: apart from being able to land people on the moon, launch objects such as satellites into space, it turns out that NASA is also instrumental in finding objects that we use every day! What are those things? Here are 20 of them!

1. Video analysis and enhancement system

Video analysis and enhancement system

If today’s cameras are able to capture objects that are getting smaller and even have macro facilities, well that’s because of NASA’s work!

2. Fire fighting equipment

Fire fighting equipment

Strong helmets, fire-resistant clothing, and many other equipment used by firefighters were the results of NASA’s thinking, you know!

3. Bike racing suit or cufflinks

Bike racing suit or cufflinks

Clothes that really fit in the body for the benefit of racing is the work of NASA too.

4. Chemical detector

Chemical detector

In order not to be exposed to chemical radiation, NASA has created a detector a long time ago, you know!

5. Light-emitting diode

Light emitting diode

The light that looks beautiful from the diodes for various purposes was also made by NASA. Cool!

6. High-strength outer tire

High-strength outer tire

Tires that are able to survive and keep turning in snow, sand, muddy ground and many other extreme terrains are the result of NASA’s thinking.

7. Pollution remediation

Pollution remediation

Since NASA found a way to remediate pollution, the impact of pollution can be reduced more, although not completely.

8. Structural analysis software

Structural analysis software

For those of you who majored in architecture, civil engineering, regional and city design or geology, you may already be familiar with this kind of software. Yes, this is also NASA who made it for the first time.

9. Oven with remote control

Oven with remote control

The modern oven that has a remote control is also made by NASA, you know! Why do you think you have to use a remote?

10. NASA-style visualization explorer

NASA-style visualization explorer

From the movements of the large planets to the activity of very small microbes, everything can now be visualized. Thanks to NASA.

11. Powder lubricant

Lubricants are not only liquid, it turns out that NASA also created a powder lubricant.

12. Drying by freezing

Drying by freezing

Lately, we often see fresh food ingredients that are sold in super frozen and dry conditions to make them last longer. That’s what NASA does in handling its foodstuffs.

13. Baby complex food

Baby complex food

From baby porridge to biscuits that can be melted down into porridge, it’s all NASA’s creation. Let’s be honest, who until now is still fond of baby food?

14. Water filter

Water filter

It was NASA who invented the water filter for ready-to-drink too! The brand is the same as the one that is sold in general in Indonesia!

15. Wireless equipment

Even though it looks trivial, the various wireless equipment that we can find today are the findings of NASA, you know!

16. Smoke detector

Some of you may use a smoke detector at home, or you can find it in public facilities such as hotels or malls.

17. Insole of shoes

Besides being able to make you taller, insoles are also known to be healthier for your body. Foot comfort is very important because many acupoints are centered there. It turns out that this is also the result of NASA’s creation.

18. Thermometer Telinga infrared

Some sophisticated hospitals already use this kind of thermometer and it turns out that this is the result of NASA’s creation, you know!

19. Busa Memori

Busa memori

This type of foam is used in many health pillows sold in the market. It turns out that NASA is the party behind its creation.

20. Anti-scratch lens

Space expeditions must be detailed and flawless, therefore the lenses used must also be scratch-resistant. The scratch-resistant lenses of your glasses are made by NASA!

Those were the objects in our daily life that were discovered by NASA. Which of these objects do you use most often? There must be at least two or three things. Even though your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut didn’t come true, at least you can feel the things that astronauts use!

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