10 Main Foods To Increase Disease Resistance In Children

Every parent is very worried about the health of their child, but if you want your child to always be healthy and fit, then you should take full care of their food and drink. You should pay more attention to feeding them nutritious food instead of junk food. If our body is healthy and bones are strong then we have no need to worry. After this, even if children sometimes fall sick, it does not matter because their body has the ability to fight diseases.

For this, we should include some foods in the diet of our children which increase their immunity. Let us know, which are these 10 diets?

1. Green leafy vegetables

Green vegetables are very important in the diet because vitamins and minerals are found in large quantities in them. Iron, Vitamin B, complex, Vitamin C, calcium and fiber are found in large quantities in them. They contain powerful antioxidants that eliminate and prevent free radicals that cause cancer. Green leafy vegetables strengthen the digestive system and their consumption keeps the stomach clean and does not cause constipation.

2. Almonds

Eating some soaked almonds daily not only increases the body’s immunity but also helps in developing the brain at a faster pace. Vitamin E helps in increasing the natural killer cells found naturally in the body which helps in destroying viruses and cancer cells. Almonds help in increasing the number of B-type cells in the body. These cells produce antibodies that help in destroying the harmful bacteria present in the body. Vitamin E found in it not only keeps the skin healthy but also makes it glowing. It also prevents diseases related to heart and muscles. Therefore, make your child consume almonds daily.

3. Parents

An element called folate is found in spinach which, along with creating new cells in the body, also works to repair the DNA present in those cells. Besides, the fiber, iron, antioxidant elements, and Vitamin C present in it keep the body healthy in every way. By eating spinach, the digestive system works properly and the problem of constipation goes away. This leafy vegetable is rich in nutritious elements, hence it is also known as superfood.

4. Citrus fruits

Vitamin C is found in sufficient quantity in citrus fruits like orange, lemon, pineapple, and grapefruit, which helps in producing white blood cells that fight all types of infections. The antibodies produced by its consumption form a covering on the surface of the cells which does not allow the virus to enter the body. Vitamin C present in them increases good cholesterol in the body, which prevents cardiovascular diseases. It also slows down the process of fat accumulation in the arteries of the heart, thus keeping the blood flow normal. Therefore, include sour fruits in your child’s diet.

5. Curd

Curd has more calcium than milk. The bacteria and nutrients present in curd work as antibiotics of the body and also increase the ability to fight diseases. Curd contains nutrients like protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins, etc. in sufficient quantity. Therefore, make your child consume curd daily but avoid giving it at night.

6. Flax seeds

Linseed is considered a mine of virtues. It is true that people do not have much awareness about it, but consuming flaxseed daily gives children the strength to fight many types of diseases. It contains alpha, linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids which provide our children with the strength to fight diseases. Omega-3 is not made inside our child’s body but it is consumed through food.

7. Broccoli

Apart from vitamins A and C, an antioxidant called glutathione is found in broccoli. It strengthens the immune system. You can also make salad from it and give it to your children. Due to this, children’s body gets adequate amounts of protein and calcium.

8. Mushrooms

It is helpful in activating white blood cells. Mineral called selenium, an antioxidant element called vitamin B, riboflavin and nisin are found in it. Due to these, elements like anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor are found in mushrooms. Feeding 30 grams of mushrooms daily to your child strengthens the immune system. It is especially consumed in winter. You can give it to your child with soup, salad or soya pasta.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is considered a versatile antibiotic. It is also used to cure diseases like cancer and it also purifies the blood and contributes significantly in improving the physique and complexion of the body. The elements present in it reduce blood sugar and keep diabetes under control.

10. Garlic

Eating garlic produces a lot of antioxidants which provide strength to our child’s system to fight diseases. In which an element called allicin is found which gives the body the power to fight infections and bacteria. Feeding a little garlic to your child every day helps prevent ulcers. You can also chop it finely and mix it in vegetables. This also keeps blood pressure under control.

To increase the immunity of children’s body, along with the diet given above, one thing you must keep in mind is that you should make your child consume maximum water throughout the day because water is very important for the body. This gives strength to the body and keeps the digestive system of the body healthy and also helps in removing unnecessary substances from the body.

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