First Cold And Your Newborn, Know Some Special Tips

Newborn babies are very delicate and that is why babies need special care in every season. Especially during the first winter, the newborn needs special care. Because after summer, as soon as winter comes, diseases also start appearing. Let us know how to take care of your newborn in winter

1. First of all, be aware of those newborn vaccines that are given to protect against infections in the cold season.
2. During the winter season, let sunlight enter the entire house, because sunlight is very beneficial for the newborn.
3. The newborn’s clothes should be comfortable and soft, warm inner must be worn underneath, if the temperature of the room has already been heated then do not wear too many clothes.
4. A newborn baby’s nappy becomes more wet during the winter season. Due to this the nappy must be changed from time to time due to feeling of cold.
5. By spreading a warm blanket on the newborn’s bed, this will keep the baby warm. Make sure that the baby’s bed is comfortable and spread blankets and warm bedsheets on the mattress.
6. The newborn baby gets nutrition from the mother’s milk and the body remains warm from inside. Keep breastfeeding the baby every hour even in cold. This will strengthen the immunity and will also reduce the risk of infection for the baby.
7. Be sure to massage the newborn baby with olive oil in the sun.
8. If the child has cold or cough, then add celery, asafoetida, fenugreek and garlic in mustard oil and fry it. Let the oil cool and massage the newborn’s chest with it.
9. After 6 months, newborn babies start drinking water, hence keep giving lukewarm water to the baby.
10. If the newborn has started eating something, then soak the almonds, grind them and mix the almonds in milk and keep him licking them.
11. Include nutritious items like lentil water, boiled apple, mixed dry fruit kheer in the diet of the child.
12. Do not forget to massage before sleeping at night because massage provides warmth to a great extent.
13. A natural way to avoid mosquitoes is to burn camphor in the room and close the windows and doors for 10 minutes.

There is a fear of infection with newborn cough and cold in the changing season. Therefore, before the onset of cold and summer, definitely consult a doctor and also keep giving multivitamins.

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