Why Should Children Learn Finger Painting?

You must have heard everyone saying that childhood is very precious. Therefore, children should be allowed to live their childhood freely. Children play many types of games in childhood, among which finger painting is also a type of activity which they enjoy very much. But do you know that immersing yourself in the world of colors and doing finger painting has many benefits? Let us talk about this finger painting today.

Children are fond of art, craft, coloring and painting. Babies are very attracted to dark colors, hence it can be said that colors have a deep connection with their life. Colour, study related material is the first thing which is put in the hands of the child. Bright colors also attract children. That’s why children enjoy doing any activity with colors. One such activity is finger painting.

What is finger painting?

Finger painting is the most simple and enjoyable activity for children. In this, children can dip their fingers in colors and paint as per their wish on drawing paper or canvas. Also, you can let the kids paint on utensils or other items that you want to recycle or give some new look.

But along with this it is also important that you ensure that the color is non-toxic. Along with coloring the canvas, children also color themselves. Yes, we know it creates a mess but there is baby foaming handwash which will gently keep the skin of their hands clean and safe.

When children have fun with colors, you can use baby natural wipes to clean their hands in between, so that they do not accidentally get colors in their mouth. Let us now know what are the benefits of this fun game or activity.

Benefits of finger painting for children

Counseling psychologists and expressive arts therapy practitioners say that finger painting is a great way for children to control stress. The experience of using fingers causes a lot of growth emotionally and psychologically. It helps children maintain attention and concentration. Since they are highly engaging, it helps them to concentrate and manage daily routine activities well.

perfect eye-hand coordination: While finger painting, the eyes and fingers play the biggest role, hence the coordination between eyes and hands automatically improves during this process.

Stimulates or activates the senses: Painting with their fingers is a great way to help children stimulate their senses. While doing finger painting, their senses of smell and feeling are active.

Develops motor skills: Finger painting involves the muscles of the hands and fingers, hence finger painting plays an important role in developing the motor skills of children.

Language and skill of explaining things becomes stronger- When you talk to your children about the paintings they have made; What they were thinking while doing this, what their painting meant, and what colors they used helps them build their language skills. They also learn to express their emotions through painting.

Helps in intellectual development: During finger painting when a child mixes different colors and learns to create new colors, they use their imagination and this helps them in their intellectual development. Not only this, they also learn to recognize different colors.

Now you must have understood that finger painting is a good activity, which develops their skills.

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