How can I strengthen children’s immunity during the winter season?

Winter season i.e. cold environment is a chance for children to fall ill again and again. This happens only when the child’s immunity is weak. The child falling ill frequently and suffering from various diseases are symptoms of low immunity. Therefore, today we will talk about the measures to strengthen the immunity of children during the winter season so that you can make your children healthy and active by following these measures.

The truth is that strengthening the immunity of children is not a magical task. For this, You need to bring changes in diet and lifestyle।

Ways to strengthen children’s immunity during the winter season

Consumption of a healthy diet

healthy diet

Providing children with a healthy diet means a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables (five servings a day is recommended), whole grains and lean protein. A healthy diet also includes dairy or some other source of calcium, and healthy fats, such as vegetable oils.

This was what should be given to children in their diet, now let us talk about why children should be avoided with processed food. This means that apart from foods containing unhealthy fat like cookies, ice cream, animal products containing saturated fat, one should also stay away from them. According to the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition, healthy baked foods should be included in the diet.

If your child does not eat properly, you can also give supplements after consulting a doctor. This is also included in the measures to strengthen the immunity of children.

Enough Sleep


We all need sleep to refresh and recharge the body, and this includes children too. The amount of sleep a child needs varies by age (from 12 to 16 hours a day for infants to eight to 10 hours for teenagers). You can encourage healthy sleep by limiting device screens – for teens, mobile phones or devices should actually be turned off an hour or two before bedtime or not in the bedroom at night – and regularly having a Schedule must be maintained.

Physical activity

Physical activity

Exercise keeps us healthy and reduces the chances of getting sick. Children should actually be active by exercising or playing sports for an hour a day. “Active” doesn’t mean playing sports or going to the gym; This could be playing in the playground or going for a walk. One thing should be kept in mind that just as playing is included in the measures to strengthen immunity, in the same way playing excessively can also create obstacles in a balanced lifestyle.

A habit of washing hands

washing hands

Maybe you will laugh after reading this. But it is also involved in leading a healthy lifestyle and strengthening immunity. Children should be taught to wash their hands first when they come home from outside or remember to wash their hands before and after eating and after defecation. Unless the hands are germ-free, how will the chances of falling sick be reduced?

Don’t forget to give the necessary vaccinations

Vaccination protects against all types of diseases. Check with your doctor to see if your child is up to date on vaccinations. A yearly flu shot is recommended for all children 6 months of age and older. After the Corona period, giving this shot becomes even more necessary.


When every member of the family remains healthy then the child will also remain healthy. For this, wash all hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow. Stay away from sick people. Wear a mask in crowded places etc. With these simple measures, children’s immunity can be strengthened.

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