Five Scientific Reasons Why Cats Love Chasing Mice So Much, Unique!

Cats are one of the most common animals found in every place. From pet cats to street cats, of course, they are domestic animals that are very close to human life.

Of the many habits possessed by cats, one that is quite popular is its habit of chasing mice. This little habit can be the main characteristic that is attached to the cat. However, cats actually do this for the following scientific reasons.

1. The instinct of a cat who really likes to chase

The instinct of a cat who really likes to chase

Like humans, cats are also animals that have their own instincts in carrying out their activities. One of the instincts that cats have is to chase something that is in front of them.

Launching Natures Variety, cats chasing mice are actually part of their hunting instincts, so the habit of chasing them will be very attached. This also affects the cat’s behavior and the way it sees things in front of it.

2. Rats are part of the cat food chain

Of course, you must have heard the term food chain, right? Actually, the food chain is a natural thing that is owned by living things, with humans as the peak because they can consume anything. Likewise, cats are known as carnivores, so they have special habits in matters of food.

Quoting Answers to All, cats as carnivores are certainly included in the predatory classification, with mice as one of their prey. This is what also underlies the cat’s habit of chasing mice.

3. Very agile rat movements

As a predator, cats also have a natural ability to detect all the animals around them. They are automatically able to identify animals that are considered dangerous and those that are not.

When you see mice, cats are generally attracted to them because of their agile movements and their distinctive scent, as reported by Midway Pest Management. Seeing this, it is not surprising that cats will be very interested in chasing mice.

4. The desire to play with the cat

When you see a cat chasing a mouse, you might think that this cute animal is very cruel. Many people will also think that cats will prey on mice, when in fact this is not always the case.

In some situations, usually cats actually have a tendency to invite their prey to play, including mice, as quoted by DW. This is what then makes the cat at first glance seem fond of chasing the movements of the mouse.

5. Get carried away by the influence of the environment

It turns out that not only humans can be affected by social or environmental conditions, but also animals. Cats that have masters of course generally have their own food, so they tend not to be used to hunting.

This is also the reason why not all cats like mice. If you have pet cats at home, then you should forbid them to chase mice.

Launching AMCNY, cats who eat mice can be very risky because these small animals have the potential to spread disease to cats. That’s what makes cat owners have to take extra care of their pets.

The little habits that cats have in mice are indeed at first glance without being cute and adorable. Even though it turns out that there are reasons behind it which are certainly unique to know. Don’t get used to your cat chasing mice, okay!

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