Which is Better, Cylindrical Soft Lens or Glasses?

Make no mistake, Astigmatism Patients Can Also Use Cylindrical Contact Lenses

Cylindrical contact lenses can be an option for people with astigmatism who feel uncomfortable wearing glasses. The term for cylindrical contact lenses is toric contact lenses which are different from ordinary contact lenses.

Table of Content

1. The difference with ordinary contact lenses
2. Rigid gas permeable, cylindrical contact lenses are also popular
3. Which is better, glasses or contact lenses?

Often people with refractive errors of astigmatism or cylinders feel that they cannot be helped by wearing cylindrical contact lenses. In fact, there are many choices of cylindrical contact lenses that can help people with astigmatism see clearly.

The term for cylindrical contact lenses is toric contact lenses which are different from ordinary contact lenses. For ordinary contact lenses, its function is to help people with refractive errors of myopia (nearsightedness) or hypermetropia (farsightedness).

The difference with ordinary contact lenses

Of course, the type of lens in cylindrical contact lenses is different from ordinary ( spherical ) lenses. The main differences are in:

1. Different function

Cylindrical contact lenses have different meridian abilities to help people with refractive astigmatism. The ability of this contact lens to be on a different meridian from the contact lens for nearsightedness or farsightedness.

2. Design

In addition to function, cylindrical contact lenses also have a feature that allows the lens to rotate to the correct orientation on the cornea. Thus, the power of the lens meridian is aligned with the eye meridian and objects can be seen clearly.

3. Price

With more complete and complex features, cylindrical contact lenses are generally more expensive than ordinary contact lenses. This price may vary depending on the design and material of the lens. Where to buy contact lenses also determines the selling price.

Given the eye condition with unique astigmatism, of course it takes more than one pair of cylindrical contact lenses before finding which one is the most comfortable and clear. Usually, there are several brands of cylindrical contact lenses with different specifications.

Rigid gas permeable cylindrical contact lenses are also popular

In addition to toric cylinder lenses, there is also something called rigid gas permeable (RGP/GP). In many cases, this type of cylindrical contact lens can overcome astigmatism without having to be designed like toric contact lenses.

This is possible because gas-permeable contact lenses are stiffer when attached to the eye. So, the way it works is different from other cylindrical contact lenses that adjust to the irregular shape of the cornea.

The surface of this GP contact lens helps the cornea by bending the direction of light entering the eye. That is, the lens does not need to rotate like a toric cylinder lens.

Many people with astigmatism feel that their vision is sharper when using GP contact lenses compared to toric cylinder lenses. However, considering the shape is more rigid, of course the adaptation time for those who are not used to it may be longer.

Which is better, glasses or contact lenses?

Of course, people who have refractive errors also consider which is better, wearing glasses or contact lenses? The considerations are many, ranging from appearance, activities, and other needs. According To DoctorEyeHealth Glasses vs Contacts – Which is Better?

In astigmatism, the cornea is more oval in shape like a football, not round like a basketball. If the level of astigmatism is still low, GP contact lenses alone are sufficient to overcome it.

If the level is intermediate, the alternative can be to use a toric cylinder contact lens. The goal is that the contact lens can adjust the position of the cornea of ​​the eye. But of course, this is not absolute and needs further examination.

In cases of severe astigmatism, cylindrical contact lenses can still be an option. There is a choice of hybrid lenses that can help you see clearly but still prioritize comfort and stability.

That is, for people with astigmatism and feel more comfortable wearing cylindrical contact lenses, there is no problem switching from regular glasses. This preference goes back to everyone. Softlens is indeed more comfortable for daily mobility, but the maintenance must be more detailed.

In addition, the price of cylindrical glasses also tends to be more affordable than cylindrical contact lenses. The most important thing is not to allow astigmatism to drag on.

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