Don’t be late, here are the cataract prevention steps you need to know

Cataracts generally occur due to aging conditions. However, people of productive age can also experience it. There are several ways to prevent cataracts that you can do to avoid the risk of blindness. Checking yourself regularly to the eye doctor is one of them.

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1. How do cataracts occur?
2. Steps to prevent cataracts

A cataract is a clouding of the eye lens that affects vision. The development of cataracts occurs gradually and is identical to that of the elderly. In this case, cataracts are a common cause of vision loss in people over 40 years of age.

However, cataracts can happen to anyone, including those at a young age. This article will discuss more about the occurrence of cataracts and how to prevent cataracts to reduce the risk of occurrence and improve eye health.

How do cataracts occur?

As we age, the lens of the eye becomes less flexible, cloudy, and thickens. Certain health conditions can also cause lens tissue damage and protein clumping, resulting in blurred vision.

The cells in the eye lens contain proteins and water that are arranged in such a way that the eye lens remains clear. However, in some conditions, such as increasing age, protein molecules clump together, making the lens cloudy and blurring the eye . This is the cause of cataracts.

Over time, cataracts can develop to become denser. If left unchecked, this can lead to complete loss of vision. The development of cataracts may be slower depending on how you take care of your overall eye health.

Steps to prevent cataracts

While there are no studies that really prove cataract prevention, there are things you can do to lower the risk. According To EyeChannelbyEyeSurgeonDrAudreyTai How to prevent cataracts – 5 tips recommended by Eye Surgeon

The following are some ways to prevent cataracts that you can do:

1. Get regular eye exams

Do not wait for complaints to arise to go to the eye doctor. Regular eye exams can help detect cataracts or other eye disorders early.

The Directorate of Disease Prevention and Control of the Indonesian Ministry of Health recommends that you do an eye examination at least once a year. This of course can facilitate treatment compared to conditions of severe eye disorders.

2. Wearing sunglasses

Sun exposure can also increase your risk for developing cataracts. That’s why wearing sunglasses can help prevent cataracts.

Wear sunglasses that can block your exposure to ultraviolet A and B (UVA and UVB) rays. UVB exposure can lead to faster cataract formation.

In addition, wearing a hat or limiting outdoor activities can also help reduce sun exposure that enters the eyes.

3. Avoid eye injury

Although the incidence of cataracts is identical to aging, injury to the eye or eye surgery can also be a risk factor for cataracts. This condition is known as traumatic cataract.

That’s why, always be careful to prevent eye injuries that could potentially cause cataracts. Also, make sure you choose a product for safe eyes.

4. Maintain a diet

Prevention of cataracts can also start from a healthy diet. Vegetables and fruits contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for eye health.

The content of antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, selenium, vitamins A, C, and E can help inhibit the development of cataracts, and prevent free radicals that can trigger the clumping of proteins in the lens.

In addition, limiting the consumption of salt, sugar, and fat in the daily diet is also important to maintain a healthy body. This method can help prevent chronic diseases that can trigger cataracts.

5. Maintain overall health

As mentioned earlier, some chronic diseases can increase your risk of developing cataracts.

Several health problems that cause cataracts, including diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. That is why one of the efforts to prevent cataracts is to prevent these diseases.

Maintaining overall health and avoiding these degenerative diseases is the right and natural way to prevent cataracts. Start by eating a healthy diet and increasing regular physical activity.

6. Avoid using corticosteroid drugs for a long time

Corticosteroids are drugs that contain steroid hormones. This drug is commonly used to reduce inflammation and suppress an overworked immune system.

Long-term use of this type of drug is a risk factor for cataracts. This is because corticosteroid drugs are known to affect the level of cloudiness of the eye lens.

7. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

Another way to prevent cataracts that you can do is to eliminate bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Both are known to pose many health risks, including cataracts.

Smoking causes a decrease in antioxidant levels in the body, including the eyes. Cigarette smoke which contains free radicals can also interfere with the protein of the eye lens to cause cloudiness of the eye lens.

Meanwhile, the methanol content in alcohol is toxic to the body which can result in eye damage such as cataracts, to permanent blindness.

At first, the symptoms of cataracts may not be too bothersome. However, if left unchecked, this condition gradually worsens and can result in vision loss.

At that stage, cataract surgery is the only cataract treatment. It’s important to prevent cataracts so you don’t have to have surgery, let alone lose your vision.

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