what will happen if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach

Many people think that beer or other alcoholic beverages are not good for health. In fact, if you know the safe rules for consuming alcoholic beverages, you can benefit your body. Well, one of the rules you should pay attention to is don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach. What happens if you drink alcohol before eating?

Effects of drinking alcohol before eating

Before looking at the possible effects of drinking alcohol before eating, you must first know how the effects of drinking alcohol on the body. When you drink alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, vodka, and whiskey, your body will digest them until the alcohol enters your bloodstream.

Because it is already in your blood, alcohol will be distributed throughout the body. Including the brain, stomach, kidneys, lungs, and liver (liver). This process usually does not take long. In about a minute, as much as 20 percent of the alcohol you drink can enter the brain and affect human cognitive function.

So what will happen if you drink alcohol before eating? Here is the full explanation.

1. Get drunk faster

Everyone has a different tolerance level for alcohol. Some were drunk even though they had only had a few sips of beer. There are also those who have drunk a full bottle of beer and haven’t felt any effects. This is because a person’s metabolic speed is certainly different from others.

However, if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach or have not eaten, it is guaranteed that you will get drunk faster than if you drink alcohol after eating. The reason is, if there are food and other nutrients that must be absorbed by the digestive system, alcohol will not be digested immediately and enter your blood.

Meanwhile, if you have not eaten, the alcohol you drink will be more quickly absorbed and passed throughout the body. As a result, the faster and more alcohol enters the brain. You also get drunk faster than usual.

2. You eat more after that

In addition to getting drunk faster, drinking alcohol before eating can also have an effect on your weight. How could that be? Apparently according to various studies, drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will actually make you eat more afterward.

A 2015 study in the journal Obesity revealed that people who drank alcohol before eating ended up eating seven percent more servings than people who didn’t drink before eating.

Another study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior proves the same thing. The study participants who drank red wine ( red wine ) before eating turned out to eat up to 25 percent more.

So be careful if you are used to drinking alcohol before eating. Maybe you even eat more. This is certainly at risk of adding to your weight. Therefore, make it a habit to consume alcoholic beverages after eating, after your stomach is filled with food and important nutrients.

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