What Should Be Done In Case The Child Falls?

Let us learn about the tried and tested methods of some experienced mothers to know how to deal with situations arising out of a baby’s fall and injury and to protect the baby from falling.

1. Do we really need to be afraid?

This is the most important advice I have ever received from my friend and a more experienced mother. You do not need to panic every time your baby falls. If the baby falls, then the first important thing is that you should console the baby because your getting nervous and screaming scares the baby even more, in such a situation, pressing the baby tightly to your chest works wonders. Important advice: Your love, affection and care are very helpful in instilling confidence and calming your baby after he falls.

2. What do you have to do?

As soon as you get control over these situations, first of all find out the reason for the fall; how serious is the injury caused to the baby; and whether he needs medical help, like:
1. Baby’s eyes turn away
2. Baby faints
3. the baby is not opening his eyes
4. The baby’s body becomes stiff
5. The baby suddenly becomes restless after some time after falling.
6. Any external injury/wound
7. the baby is vomiting or restless
8. The baby screams in pain when touched on a particular part of the body

The symptoms mentioned above indicate internal injuries caused by a fall and in such a situation there is a need to take the baby to the doctor without any delay. In case the injured area becomes lumpy or swollen, as usually happens after a fall, apply a cold compress with ice.

Note – If the baby starts crying due to feeling cold while applying ice, then it is a good sign.

3. Keep an eye on the baby

If your baby has fallen down with too much force and you have any doubts about it, then keep an eye on the baby for 24 hours and pay attention to the following symptoms:
1. vomiting
2. feeling uneasy
3. the baby has a seizure or his body becomes stiff
4. bleeding/bruising
Trust your instincts and if you notice any change in your baby’s behavior, do not take risks and reach out to your baby’s doctor without any delay. If the baby is calm, eating and sleeping well, then thank God for protecting him.

4. What to do for safety?

As your baby starts to move around, making your home baby safe can become a daunting task, but you can make it easier by following the steps given below:

Always keep an eye on the baby

Never leave your baby alone, especially near sharp objects, at high places and in places like the bathtub. There must be latches/latches in the windows and there should also be good arrangements to keep the baby away from the balcony.


This is the biggest reason for falls, so make sure that the baby is never left alone at a very high place.

Protect the sharp corner of the house

This can be easily done with Lindem Buffers which can be purchased online. Apart from this, keep anything that can harm the baby out of reach of the baby.

Eliminate light and slippery footrests

Because they cause serious injury if they slip. Keep a good number of dry wipes with you so that if any place in the house gets wet or slippery, it can be wiped dry. For the good safety of the baby while sleeping, place railings around his bed and if you are very serious about the safety of the baby and to prevent him from falling, then there is nothing better than placing his bed on the ground.

Important advice

Never leave your baby alone at a place that is higher than his height. Now last and most important thing, do not let your baby feel that you are a careless mother if she falls or gets injured. It happens everywhere and with everyone.

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