Foods That Cause Dental Problems

Cavities (decay) in children’s teeth is like a growing, stubborn, troublesome monster. It is not easy to prevent Cavities, but the only way to prevent it is to prevent it. If you do not know what things should be avoided in children that cause tooth decay, then let us have a look at which foods cause tooth decay:

1. Sugar


Sugar is harmful not only for teeth but also for our overall health. By eating sugar, bacteria produce acid which later spoils the enamel of children’s teeth and causes decay. Cakes, ice cream, sugar candies, and chocolates are definitely among your child’s favorite foods. You have to decide that your child consumes these in limited quantities. And whenever the child consumes anything made from sugar, he must brush his teeth after that. The time between meals allows saliva to wash away bacteria in our mouths.

If children snack between meals, the sugar and starches together promote bacteria growth and increase tooth decay. Therefore, children should One should avoid eating sugar between. If necessary, you can take it as a sweet with meals. Consume sugar candies with fruits like strawberries and pears, these have high water content and can satisfy your child’s sweet tooth. Is. Sugar is also found in milk, and it gets deposited in the enamel of the teeth. Pacifiers containing milk should not be kept in the baby’s mouth for too long. If your child drinks milk before sleeping, then definitely clean the child’s mouth before sleeping.

2. Starch


Starch affects our teeth in the same way as food containing sugar does. Starch is also found in carbohydrate-rich potatoes. You can also use potatoes with cheese, it increases saliva production and acts as a tooth-friendly snack.

3. Sticky and chewy food

Gems, lollipops, jelly candies, honey, and caramel get deposited in the lines between the teeth. And cause tooth decay. Children should avoid such things completely or should always brush their teeth after consuming them.

4. Sweet Carbonated Drinks

Sweet Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are considered to be the biggest enemy of teeth. These drinks contain high amounts of sugar and soda. Citric acid, carbonic acid, and phosphoric acid are found in soda drinks. Bacteria, along with the acids found in soda, harm our teeth. This can cause serious dental problems or tooth damage. If children consume these drinks, they may develop tooth decay.

5. Ice

Chewing ice can cause teeth sensitization, tooth damage, and dental emergencies.

6. Difficulty in chewing or cutting food items

Baby’s new teeth are very delicate. Some food items like nuts like almonds and walnuts have hard outer peels, which can break the delicate teeth of children or weaken the enamel. You should give such things to your child by removing the outer cover.

Maintaining healthy eating habits not only keeps the teeth healthy but also remains strong for a long time.

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