What are the side effects of using roll-on deodorant?

Roll-on deodorant side effects

Nowadays the use of deodorant is increasing a lot among people. Be it urban or rural areas, people use deodorant immediately after bathing to make their bodies feel fresh throughout the day. Actually, most deodorants are spray-based. But now the demand for roll-on deodorant is also increasing rapidly in the market. Many people rub roll-on-deodorant directly onto a part of their body.

Before applying the same roll-on-deodorant on the skin again and again, people do not think that it can also cause harm. The side effects of roll-on deodorant are more common in people who sweat a lot. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the disadvantages of roll-on deodorant.

What are the disadvantages of roll-on deodorant?

skin infection

When you use roll-on deodorant, the risk of skin infection increases manifold. When you use a deodorant stick, your skin’s dead cells, hair, and germs stick to its surface. When you use this deodorant stick again, the germs causing the infection react with your skin, which can cause skin infection.

Bacteria increase in the body

Roll-on deodorant is quite sticky and creamy compared to any common deodorant. Roll-on deodorant, being sticky, can help bacteria spread and cause infection.

Underarms make the skin dark

Many types of chemicals are used in making roll-on deodorant. Due to these chemicals, the skin of underarms can become dark. Some people (especially women) use roll-on deodorant on their underarms immediately after shaving or waxing. They think that using roll-on deodorant after waxing and shaving will cool the skin, but the opposite happens. Using roll-on after shaving can darken the skin.

cause of itching

As we have already told that many types of chemicals are used in making roll-on deodorant. Some people may experience itching or red rashes on their skin due to chemicals. Apart from this, roll-on deodorant can also cause eczema infection on the skin.

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