What are the health benefits of Vitamin C injections?

What are the health benefits of Vitamin C injections?

Vitamin C injections are believed to be beneficial for health. Interested in trying it? These are the various benefits of vitamin C injections for the body.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an important substance needed by the body. The reason is, there are many benefits from this type of vitamin, both for the skin and for overall health.

Apart from supplementation and food, some people also get vitamin C through injections. Usually, the dose for vitamin C injections given via mouth is much higher than that taken by mouth.

Basically, the dose of vitamin C needed every day is 70-150 mg. For those who are deficient in vitamin C, they need 300-1,000 mg. For this reason, the maximum safe limit for vitamin C injections is between 500-1,000 mg.

So, what are the benefits of vitamin C injections? Are vitamin C injections safe? Let’s find out a number of benefits of vitamin C injections through the following review.

1. Overcoming Vitamin C Deficiency

The main function of vitamin C injections is to overcome vitamin C deficiency. This is because this injection is needed for someone who has an acute vitamin C deficiency.

When a person lacks vitamin C, he will experience a number of health problems, such as bleeding gums,  gingivitis, or delayed development of bones and teeth.

2. Prevents Premature Aging

Vitamin C injections can prevent the appearance of signs of premature aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Free radicals originating from the environment, smoke and pollution, or from within the body which attack normal cells can trigger premature aging. To prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Increases body endurance

Delivered by Dr. Atika, the benefits of vitamin C injections can improve the body’s immune system. Taking vitamin C when experiencing a mild infection, such as a cold or cold, can speed healing.

The reason is, that vitamin C has high antioxidant properties so it can support the body’s immunity.

4. Lose Weight

Vitamin C injections are also sometimes used for weight loss. Someone who does not have sufficient vitamin C intake usually does not have the ability to burn fat properly.

Therefore, it is important to get sufficient levels of vitamin C to help the fat-burning process in the body run well, so you can lose weight.

5. Forms Collagen 

Vitamin C plays a role in the process of collagen formation. This type of protein can provide strength to body tissues.

“The function of collagen is to maintain body elasticity. “If you want to have soft and supple skin, it’s a good idea to meet your vitamin C intake. That way, the collagen formation process will not be disrupted.

6. Improve memory

Low vitamin C levels are directly related to impaired cognitive function. This triggers oxidative stress which can develop Alzheimer’s disease.

For this reason, vitamin C injections can help increase vitamin C levels in the body, thereby reducing the risk of dementia and cognitive decline.

7. Helps wound healing

Quoted from the Cleveland Clinic, the benefits of vitamin C can help the wound healing process. In fact, vitamin C supplementation is often added to surgical wounds.

For example, vitamin C injections are sometimes given to people who have just had a cesarean section to support the wound healing process.

Apart from large wounds, vitamin C is also useful for small wounds. For this reason, consume vitamin C regularly when you experience wounds on your body.

8. Reduces Blood Pressure

Getting a high intake of vitamin C through vitamin C injections can help relax blood vessels. This can certainly help lower blood pressure.

After knowing what vitamin C injections are for, there’s no harm in trying to get vitamin C injections. However, it’s a good idea to #KeepYourHealthy by first consulting with a doctor. Ask whether you really need vitamin C injections.

9. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells

According to Dr. Atika, the use of vitamin C injections can also be used as a supporting treatment in cancer therapy.

In laboratory studies, vitamin C injections have been shown to slow the growth and spread of prostate,  pancreatic, liver, colon, and other types of cancer cells.

A number of these benefits are due to the strong antioxidant content contained in vitamin C.

10. Brightens skin color

Vitamin C is believed to help eliminate redness on the skin. Apart from that, high doses of vitamin C injections are also directly linked to a brighter skin appearance.

This likely occurs due to the effect of high doses of vitamin C which inhibits the action of melanin, the cells that provide pigment or color to the skin.

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