What are the benefits of curd with black pepper for weight loss?

Curd and Black Pepper for weight loss: Nowadays, due to lifestyle, eating habits, and stress, people’s weight and obesity are increasing rapidly. People troubled by increasing weight complain that they keep sitting for a long time, due to which this is happening. People make many efforts to put a full stop to the increasing weight.

For weight loss, some sweat for hours in the gym, some lose sleep in the morning, and practice with motivational quotes like “Yoga se hoga”. Not only this, some people are even ready to undergo surgery to lose weight. But do you know that there are some natural things that can be adopted for weight loss.

These things include curd and black pepper. Curd for Weight Loss contains a sufficient amount of probiotics and antioxidants, which when combined with the nutrients of black pepper, help in weight loss. Today in this article we will know how to consume curd and black pepper for weight loss.

Curd with Black Pepper for Weight Loss

Delhi-based nutritionist and dietitian Pooja Singh says, “Eating curd and black pepper together during the summer season is beneficial for health in many ways. Curd contains probiotics and antioxidants, which help in weight loss.” At the same time, black pepper is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fiber, calcium, potassium and sodium.” According to the dietitian, “When the nutrients of curd and black pepper come together, it boosts metabolism, which helps in weight loss.”

How to eat curd and black pepper for weight loss?

During the summer season, curd and black pepper can be consumed with lassi or normal food. To make curd and black pepper lassi, add 1 teaspoon of black pepper and a little salt to 2 bowls of curd and grind it in a blender. If you find this mixture too thick, then add 1/2 glass of water to it. Your curd and black pepper lassi is ready. Apart from this, you can also eat normal curd by adding black pepper as per taste.

When to eat curd and black pepper for weight loss?

The dietician says, “For weight loss, curd and black pepper can be consumed in lunch or dinner.” While consuming it for dinner at night, keep in mind that curd has a cooling effect, people who have problems like cold, cough, and fever should not consume it.

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