What are some home remedies to cure a sore throat?

As soon as the winter season arrives, we have to face many health problems. As soon as the weather changes, people start facing many health problems like sore throat, cold, cough, etc. Seasonal diseases like colds, coughs, and fever get cured in 1 to 2 days, but the problem of sore throat persists. To get relief from sore throat, some people take medicines, some use syrups available in the market, but the sore throat does not get cured. If you are also struggling with the problem of sore throat, then today we are going to tell you about 5 such things present in the kitchen, using which you can say bye-bye to sore throat forever.

Home remedies to cure sore throat


Gargle with warm salt water 2 to 3 times from morning to evening. This is a very simple task but it has amazing effects on the neck. This will reduce your pain manifold and the feeling of soreness will stop. Along with this, any kind of bacteria accumulated in the throat will be removed.

herbal tea

Drinking herbal tea is a good option for throat infections. This tea will provide warmth to the throat, reduce soreness, and provide immunity to the body. Ginger tea without milk is beneficial. To make this, boil ginger pieces in a cup of water and drink after filtering. Apart from this, chamomile tea and green tea also show good effects.



Honey is used extensively in home remedies. This is because honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are effective in relieving sore throat, throat pain, cough and cold. You can drink honey by adding it to hot water, add it to herbal tea or it can also be eaten with ginger.


You can use cloves in many ways for sore throat. It can be chewed plain, consumed by adding cloves to hot water or can make herbal tea of ​​cloves. To make clove herbal tea, boil cloves in a cup of water and add half a spoon of honey, strain, and drink.


Hot or roasted garlic keeps you away from cold and also shows a good effect in relieving sore throat. It has anti-microbial properties which show a good effect in removing these viral infections.

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