What Are Exercises to Strengthen the Lungs?

Exercises to Strengthen the Lungs: Having healthy lungs is considered very important for a healthy body. Lungs not only work to supply healthy air to the body but are also considered very beneficial for heart health. But due to today’s lifestyle, poor diet, and sometimes due to old age, the lungs become weak.

Weak lungs mean a weak body. To strengthen the lungs, people make many changes in their diet. However, they forget that exercise is more important than diet to strengthen the lungs. Today in this article we are going to tell you about 3 exercises that strengthen the lungs. The special thing about these exercises is that you can easily do them at home whenever you have time.

Exercises to Strengthen the Lungs

Belly Breathing

Belly Breathing
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After lifting something heavy, one has to face diaphragmatic or belly breathing. Belly breathing works to increase the strength of the lungs. Practicing it is beneficial when you feel tired. Practicing belly breathing while lying down is more beneficial.

How to do belly breathing exercises

  • To do this, lie down while relaxing your shoulders.
  • Place one hand on the stomach and the other hand on the chest.
  • Breathe rapidly through the nose for two seconds and feel the breath reaching the stomach.
  • Due to this, the stomach will appear protruding outwards.
  • Hold the breath for two seconds and then exhale through pursed lips.

Pursed Lips Breathing

Pursed Lips Breathing

Breathing exercise is very important to keep the lungs healthy. It can work to repair lung damage caused by pollution. By doing pursed lips breathing exercises, the lungs as well as the heart remain healthy. This exercise can repair the lungs by keeping the airways open for a longer period. This improves the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Method of doing pursed lips breathing exercise

  • First of all, start breathing slowly with the help of the nose.
  • Then press it with your lips as if you are blowing something.
  • Keep inhaling in this position and then exhale slowly.
  • Repeat this process at least 4-5 times.
  • Doing this will affect the lungs and will also relieve breathing-related problems.

Rib Stretch

Rib Stretch

Rib stretch is considered an excellent exercise for the lungs. By doing this exercise the ribs apply more pressure for breathing. Due to this oxygen can enter the lungs faster.

How to stretch Ribs

  • To do this, stand straight.
  • Breathe slowly and try to take more oxygen into the lungs.
  • Then slowly exhale.
  • Now place both hands on the waist and bend once towards the right and once towards the left.
  • Then take the hands up and after two seconds lower the hands.

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