Unraveling the Secrets behind Two Oceans Apart Viral Video

This is the video, which shows the flow of two oceans that never mix as if there was a partition or wall separating them.

Great God Almighty. It turns out that unmixed sea water really exists.

The two immiscible seas are located in the Strait of Gibraltar, the strait that separates the continents of Africa and Europe, to be exact between the countries of Morocco and Spain. According To NicolasBesharah Why The Atlantic And Pacific Meet, But Never Mix

What actually happened?

It is true that everything that happens is by the power and will of Allah SWT. However, is there any scientific explanation behind this strange event? For your information, the ocean located in the Gulf of Alaska has actually been viral for years. There are also many experts who have given further explanations before why and how such a phenomenon can happen.

In 2007, a group of oceanographers did a study on glacial sediments carried by slow currents from the coast of Alaska to the middle of the ocean. This water that originates from the 286-mile long Copper River in Alaska is indeed rich in glacial deposits, impurities such as heavy clay particles and iron.

According to one of the professors from the University of California-Santa Cruz who participated in the voyage, Ken Bruland, when this small current flows slowly into the larger ocean, it will join the stronger waves and currents. It is this collision that produces swirls and fine bubbles.

Not true at all!

So, it is not true at all when there are parties who say that these two oceans will not merge at all. It will eventually merge, but the process is slow but continuous. What the naked eye sees is just the clash of the two currents that happened at that moment and that moment only.

According to Ken Bruland, the “border” of this ocean also constantly changes its location, depending on the level of sediment content and wave currents carried by the wind.

So, if you have a friend who tells you about the wonders of this unmixed ocean, you can help them by uncovering the secrets and scientific explanations behind it.

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