5 Tips And Ways To Control A Tantrum Or Tantrum

Small children are always thirsty for more attention from their parents. Sometimes, these children do not know how to express their feelings. At the age of 2 years, their speech and communication skills are still limited. They still don’t know the right channel and way to convey every wish and request. Then there was an emotional explosion that was difficult to contain because they felt this was one of the solutions.

Some children threw themselves on the floor crying. There are also those who rebel by throwing things around. Some screamed to deafening ears. While there are also those who turn violent by beating their mother or father.

Many parents are often confused and do not know the right method to deal with this child’s tantrum problem.

This young mother shares tips to control children from misbehaving and throwing tantrums in public: According To paul Thomas MD- Dr.Paul HOW TO STOP TANTRUMS FOREVER! (3 Easy Steps) | Dr. Paul


Before leaving the house, tell me what your expectations are when you go out.

Also tell him to be ready, if he misbehaves, you will immediately leave the place and go back. (Or any other friendly warning that you feel is appropriate)

You can also use the reward method. For example “if you behave and don’t behave, later you can do/get blah blah blah”

When you want to explain, make sure you sit low to be at eye level with the child and that he is also in a calm state.

Diversion / Distraction

Identify what things your child likes and can make him happy instantly.

Fill your Doraemon bag with all kinds of toys, books, snacks, water or worse comes to worst, the last resort is gadgets. Repeat, last resort. Don’t be lazy and take the easy way out to give a tab or mobile phone.

If your child has started to misbehave, try to distract him with the things he likes.

Don’t ask me what your child likes. Like Raihanah, she used to like books, ribena water and of course she liked to eat. Toys are not effective.

When your child is a little older, you can start using the excuse “I don’t have money” or “I don’t have enough money” every time he wants to buy something silly and stupid if you don’t know what excuse to give.

Always Keep Calm

Find out EXACTLY what caused him to throw a tantrum. Don’t ever get angry, shout, hit or yell.

Take him to a corner a little away from the crowd and tell him to remember your expectations before leaving the house. Speak firmly but do not shout. Oh yes, don’t negotiate while he’s raging, it won’t work.

If in the expectation list it has been mentioned that he will return immediately, please return immediately if he behaves continuously. Be consistent. Don’t say anything else, but do something else. Later the boy will know that you are showing off more.

Don’t Ever Give in

Have you ever gone shopping and then your child went berserk because they wanted something? The thing that he wants is to shred.

Even if you’re embarrassed to be with people, buy it because you want to make him stop crying. Penh so?

Know that even ONCE you give in and give in, the child will automatically understand that he must cry and throw tantrums first to get something.

The raging process will repeat every time you go outing until you get on the bike and want to go for a walk. Hehe. So, don’t give in sometimes unwillingly.


If you go out with a family member, please inform your partner or family member. Ask not to spoil the child when you are trying hard to discipline him.

Sometimes there are spouses/relatives who like to be the good guy. Really like to show the child’s face even though you said you can’t from the beginning. This kind of situation shows that you have no authority, are powerless and easy to be boxed in.

Children, if grandparents are there once. Fuhhhh he made that up, mom aihhhh. Become a monster.

So, tell your entourage during the day to cooperate precisely and cohesively throughout the outing/trip.

Controlling this rambunctious child is not an easy task. It may take some time, but parents need to be patient and always be consistent with all decisions taken.

Make sure you always communicate with your child, identify what they like or don’t like and always give “friendly” reminders when communicating. Sooner or later your child will definitely be able to be ‘cool’ even in tense situations.

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