Tips To Use Baby Wipes Properly In Winter

Many responsibilities are added as soon as a child is born. One of these is choosing and buying the right baby care products for the baby. The most needed thing among baby products is baby wipes. The use of newborn wipes has increased over time, making it comfortable and safe for babies and parents to take care of them. Today in this article, we will discuss how to use baby wipes, especially during winter or whether it can be safe to use baby wipes.

What Are Baby Wipes?

Tips To Use Baby Wipes Properly In Winter

Before using baby wipes, let us know what it is. It is important that baby wipes are essentially wet wipes, which are small or medium-sized moist piece of material such as tissue or cloth. These are often used for personal hygiene and cleaning of newborn babies. There are many types of wipes available but they can be completely different products depending on the chemicals used.

Why Should You Use Baby Wipes?

Baby wipes are used to clean the baby’s diaper area due to the accumulation of feces and urine in it. Also, to clean the folds in the baby’s body, baby wipes are used in all seasons, be it winter or summer.

Prevention and treatment of diaper rash require frequent changes and hygiene to remove urine and unwanted substances, i.e. enzymes, from the skin. It is important to clean the skin thoroughly after each change. Using delicate wet wipes for newborns can do this job more easily and quickly.

Which Type of Baby Wipes is Safe For Babies?

For your information, let us tell you that those baby wipes that have a turmeric scent should not be used during winter. Unscented wipes are safe for baby skin, especially baby wipes made from natural ingredients, like bamboo fiber baby wipes.

Bamboo Water Wipes are made from bamboo fiber and 99% bamboo water making them completely polyester-free! These extra thick and soft natural bamboo fiber wipes are infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, and Vitamin E. Bamboo fiber with almond oil not only soothes but also works effectively to prevent irritating skin rashes. Therefore it can be considered completely safe for baby skin.

How Many Wipes Do You Need to Change a Nappy?

If a newborn baby has to change a dirty nappy at least 10 times every day, on average. One to five wipes can be used for a nappy change. You use one for changing nappies and several others for cleaning. Parents of a newborn baby need about 30 wipes.

What is the right way to use baby wipes on your baby?

It is very important to keep some things in mind while using baby wipes-

For baby girls – After removing the baby’s dirty diaper, gently clean it from front to back with a baby wipe. Never wipe from back to front, as bacteria can enter the urinary tract, causing inflammation and increasing the chance of urinary tract infection. Additionally, the folds between the thighs and buttocks should be cleaned with a fresh baby wipe.

For baby boys- While changing the diaper of the child, first of all his penis should be cleaned. It is also important to wipe the folds under the scrotum and between the thighs to reduce the chance of infection. You can finally wipe his buttocks.

Now you must have understood what things should be kept in mind while cleaning wipes during winter days, apart from this, you can also visit the app for more information related to baby care, solutions to pregnancy-related problems, and parenting-related information. Subscribe to the website and enjoy your pregnancy and parenting journey tension-free.

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