The Story Of Ronaldo’s Discipline And Madness To Succeed, Told By Patrice Evra

Despite being knocked out and returning early in the 2018 World Cup, the Real Madrid star and former Manchester United hero remains one of the greatest footballers in the history of the sport.

Probably many are aware of the stories told about the personalities of this five-time Balon d’Or award winner which are full of tenacity and perseverance.

Due to his high perseverance, unwavering fighting spirit and amazing body care, many football experts predict that Cristiano will still shine in the sport despite reaching the age of 40.

It not only involves the sport of football but almost everything. Cristiano has never been content to be number two, which has made him work hard up to this point and become the world number 1 at the moment.

Died in a ping-pong match

And the story told by former teammate Patrice Evra about the ping pong match between Cristiano and Rio Ferdinand is one proof of this.

According to Patrice Evra, Cristiano Ronaldo would be furious if he lost in whatever he did. It was a motivation to himself to always win.

ping-pong match

At one point, Cristiano and Rio Ferdinand were playing ping-pong which saw the Portuguese star lose. Everyone else was screaming and it made Cristiano feel very angry.

Unsatisfied, Cristiano then asked his cousin to buy a ping-pong table and start practicing for a period of two weeks at his home.

After that, Cristiano invited Rio to repeat the match between them, and he beat Rio in front of everyone.

He was willing to buy a ping-pong table, practicing every day just to prove himself capable of beating opponents, by any means.

“That’s Cristiano Ronaldo, and that’s why I’m not surprised if he wants to win another Ballon d’Or, and why he wants to win the World Cup. Because he’s a grumpy (spirited) man,” explained Patrice Evra

Do not accept an invitation to dine at Cristiano Ronaldo’s house

Another story Patrice told about Cristiano was a lunch invitation at the Portuguese captain’s residence.

“If Cristiano invites you to lunch at his house, don’t accept. Just decline the invitation,” Patrice said.

The former France international recounted how he accepted the invitation and eventually regretted it.

One day after finishing field training, Cristiano invited Patrice to his house. Despite the fatigue, Patrice still fulfilled the invitation of his good friend.

When at the dinner table, only salad and chicken fillet are served, along with plain water, instead of juice.

Patrice even started eating and expected that Cristiano would serve another meal afterward. However, it was not as expected.

After eating, Cristiano then got up and took the ball and started playing, as well as doing the skills and said:

“Patrice, let’s play two-touch,” he said.

Patrice who did not object, though somewhat unhappy from exhaustion, merely complied with his friend’s request.

“We started playing ball and then Cristiano invited me to swim in his pool. I was just” okay “, but then he invited me again to take a dip in the jacuzzi, then to the sauna.

Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I said to him: “Cristiano why did we come here? Is there a reason we have a match tomorrow, or just for lunch?”.

Therefore, Patrice Evra would like to advise anyone who is invited by Cristiano to his house, not to continue to accept the invitation, instead refuse. Patrice explained that it wasn’t because of the food, but he felt like a training session while at Cristiano’s house.

“Cristiano is a machine that doesn’t want to stop training,” Patrice added.

These stories prove that Cristiano is a very dedicated person and always wants to be the best.

So, it is not surprising if he will still play at his best when he is 40 years old.


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