The 5 Most Disappointing Marvel Superhero Movies

Avengers: Endgame fever is at its peak right now. Everywhere, movie fans are sure to talk about the movie because of its status as the end of a 10-year effort that has been planned so meticulously.

Despite this, after 21 films have been published, there are certainly some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films that have been published, which have had less of an impact on the audience. Some can also be evaluated as an effort by the publisher to get a quick profit, following the high demand.

Undoubtedly, on average, the Marvel Cinematic Universe managed to bring a new vision to the world film industry, but among all the films, which one lacks spice? Here are 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that we found a bit disappointing. Still entertaining but when compared to the others, clearly falls short of the mark.

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron

We don’t know what’s wrong with this movie – it feels like there’s something wrong with it that we can’t explain. AoU is actually a very important film because it introduces us to three important characters, namely Ultron which will eventually lead to the emergence of the Vision cybernetic machine character capable of manipulating the ‘Infinity Mind Stone’, apart from the Scarlett Witch character who plays a big role in the film after AoU.

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After watching it several times, the writer thinks that the main problem of this movie actually comes from the evil character Ultron that was created by Tony Stark in collaboration with Bruce Banner, before losing control. Maybe the title is a little inappropriate, which is ‘Age of Ultron’ but Ultron was destroyed in only one movie, without playing any role after birth.

2. Thor: The Dark World

Although the first Thor movie was a bit of a mess and a mess, at least it managed to introduce us to Thor, Heimdahl, Odin, Loki, the nation of Asgard and its relationship with earth in a rather effective way. Thor: The Dark World seems like a film that has no direction, not leaving much of an impression on the audience.

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The only revelation that at least got the audience excited was the revelation regarding the origin of Loki’s character which was actually not as expected. However, this film should be credited as the film that changed the public’s perception of Loki’s evil character, which in turn made Loki’s character even bigger in the subsequent series of films.

3. Doctor Strange

Before you get angry, the writer wants to clarify that the writer is a loyal fan of this movie. How many times has the author watched it, because the mystical world controlled in this film is very unique in concept. However, in terms of the narration of Doctor Strange, it seems like a film made based on the usual structure – the hero acts, faces difficulties, finds a way, repents, then saves the situation.

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For the introduction of this character, the film is quite successful but everything is presented in a desperate situation. In addition, the notion of how easily Stephen Strange was promoted to ‘Master of the Mystic Arts’ much faster than other trainees is also questionable.

It is not wrong if the writer compares the journey of Stephen Strange with Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Begins’ – both had to face hardships to get back up, but the Batman film directed by Christopher Nolan seems more convincing to us, making us able to feel the hardships that Bruce went through Wayne versus Stephen Strange.

4. Iron Man 3

Among the three Iron Man films, the first film left the most impression on the writer. The second is a bit ‘meh’ and the third tries too hard to create an impact. What is most disappointing – all the conclusions that happened in this movie were not carried forward in other movies after that. What happened to Tony Stark’s promise to Pepper Potts? What does Tony Stark blow up dozens of Iron Man suits have to do with his life after that? It has nothing to do with it.

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There are no changes to the characters in this film that are carried forward. What’s more disappointing is how the scriptwriter and director played one of the most important characters in the history of Iron Man comics, The Mandarin, which was made into a joke and funny without any reason why the character needed to be treated in such a way.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

The first Guardians of the Galaxy managed to bring a story that became an introduction to the characters of a group of superheroes operating in space. The comedy is real even though there are parts like the dance fight which is quite ridiculous. Taking a similar formula for Vol.2, the director of this film did not want to run away much maintaining a similar concept of exploring the story and background of the main characters in the series.

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However, the existing formula is further developed until it is out of control – causing many scenes in the film to feel contrived, to the point of being annoying at times. Perhaps because this film is somewhat lacking or the absence of a deeper and more interesting source of narration. The writer sees no need for the audience to learn more about Star Lord’s character because the first GOTG film has already successfully visualized him.

We don’t need a movie to know who Ego, Star Lord’s biological father is because for loyal fans of the first movie, Star Lord’s father is still the Yondu character that was told earlier. The appearance of Ego won’t change anything, making this movie irrelevant from the start.

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