5 Movies That Prove Hollywood Is Hypocritical In Dealing With Pedophilia

The symptoms of pedophilia are becoming more and more common, involving abnormal relationships between individuals who are mentally damaged. Studies of western society are often cited as a solution to prevent this epidemic from continuing, but there is often a contradiction between educational studies and popular culture that is often served by Hollywood publishing houses.

It can be seen that society is racing to prevent and at the same time popularize and elevate the culture of pedophilia which is said to have sexual tendencies towards minors, so much so that it is quite difficult to understand what the real goals of westerners are.

Films that promote pedophilia, either directly or implicitly, are often published so that they can dominate the minds of those who watch. Here are 5 movies that we feel reflect the true hypocracy of Hollywood producers, who actually want to further damage the minds of the public but are obscured for entertainment reasons only.

1. The Professional (1994)

The Professional or Leon the Professional is a very good action film that deserves praise, due to the strong character development and the iconic villain played by Gary Oldman.

However, this film is able to cause discomfort in the audience by following the character of Mathilda played by Natalie Portman, a child who lost her parents and had to be rescued by Leon, played by Jean Reno.

Due to Mathilda’s immaturity in understanding what happened, she assumed everything Leon did was out of love. Mathilda is willing to give her body to Leon but Leon refuses – Leon considers Mathilda as his own child but eventually (depending on the audience’s perception) succumbs to Mathilda’s temptation at the end of this film.

The pedophilia factor – Natalie Portman plays some pretty hot scenes for a 12-year-old character. When acting in this film, Natalie was also only 12 years old.

2. Pretty Baby (1978)

The film released in 1978 brought big names like Brooke Shields and Susan Sarandon in a film that from start to finish, will make anyone uncomfortable watching it.

Tells about a prostitute named Hattie (Sarandon) who works in a luxury brothel in New Orleans. Hattie has a child named Violet (Shields), a 12-year-old teenager who has big dreams to get out of her environment. She finally found a way out after being abandoned by her mother through a photographer named Ernest who took her in to live with him.

In order to save Violet, Ernest takes the path of making the child his legal wife but Hattie who returns wants to reclaim her child, because the marriage was invalid due to Violet’s status as a child.

The pedophilia factor – this whole movie. Brooke Shields was 13 years old when filming this movie and she did a lot of raunchy scenes.

3. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

You must have heard of the movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’ right? ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is far ahead of the film by showing the theme of same-sex love between two men and making one of the individuals involved, a teenager under age.

This film tells the story of a relationship formed as a result of a meeting between a professor played by Armie Hammer (The Man From UNCLE, Lone Ranger) and a teenage boy who prefers to be alone played by Timothy Chalamet, facing the stigma of society and their relationship with their respective girlfriends who are only real an illusion in obscuring the view of others.

What’s scary is that the film received worldwide critical acclaim and received a 10-minute standing ovation, a world record. Ranked as one of the best films of 2017, Call Me By Your Name was nominated for Academy Awards for best film, best actor and best screenplay.

The pedophilia factor – too many to convey. Not just pedophilia, this film also elevates same-sex relationships as something beautiful.

4. Lolita (1997)

‘Lolita’ is a film that caused controversy when it was released, no matter in the 1962 version directed by Stanley Kubrick or the 1997 version directed by Adrian Lyne, with the 1997 version bringing a bolder visual and openly trying to elevate romance with underage girls as something good.

Although the story is taken from a novel written in 1955, the theme presented is still seen as the display of affection between a middle-aged man (Jeremy Irons) and a 12-year-old girl named Dolores or ‘Lolita’ played by Dominique Swain.

Elements of pedophilia are widely displayed in this film with the character of Jeremy Irons being seen willing to do anything, including marrying Lolita’s mother just to ensure that she can be together with her stepson, before a tragedy on Lolita’s mother forces them both to live as children, with his stepfather continues to harbor lust for the child he needs to take care of.

The pedophilia factor – we think it’s pretty clear how pedophilia values ​​are raised in this movie just based on the brief description we gave. Dominique Swain was 15 years old when she had to act in unpleasant scenes with her lead actor, Jeremy Irons who was 45 years old at the time.

5. The Blue Lagoon (1980)

Brooke Shields’ second film that deserves to be placed on this list is indeed one of the scariest films in terms of its pedophilia, despite trying to be marketed as a true love film.

‘The Blue Lagoon’ tells the story of two children who grew up together on a mysterious island, after the ship they were on sank in the ocean. After the death of their only surviving guardian, Richard and Emmeline have to learn about living alone through the processes that all humans go through, just the two of them.

Not understanding normal life due to the absence of a guardian since childhood, they finally fall in love and have a son. The incident that befell the three of them after an accident caused the three of them to be stranded in the ocean with their fate at the end of the story, not shown clearly.

Since the characters in this story never lived a civilized life, they only learned a few things from their guardian before he died. The majority of the film shows the two characters living in very primitive living conditions.

The pedophilia factor: Brooke Shields acted in this movie when she was 14 years old and practically throughout this movie, she was not dressed with her private parts covered with hair.

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